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    We have a transom leak in a 2011 Sundancer 330 (the moisture readings around the transom drain plug are at 80% and are generally high across the whole transom area, around both engines and the trims). We have been advised to take out the engines and try and find the leak (described by our technician as trying to find a needle in a haystack). Taking the engines out will be costly and I was wondering whether there is a better way of trying to find where the leak is coming from so that they can target the fix (maybe without having to remove the engines). The boat is out the water right now and water is still dripping (very slowly now after 2 weeks) from the transom drain plug and we have been advised that we will need to drill some holes to let the water drain out. Again, does anyone know of a better way to get the water out of the hull once it has leaked in?
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    I would be more inclined to follow the advice of your mechanic, or if you don't feel good about his advice, get a second opinion from a different mechanic.
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    ANY hole thru the transom done incorrectly will allow water to saturate the wood cores. Be it a screw hole, trim tab mounting hole, swim platform mounting bolts, drain plugs, etc.
    Once rotted there is no support for the engines.
    Once both engines are out and there is room to work, test holes are drilled looking for black, wet, rotted wood remains and if necessary the transom can be rebuilt from the inside.
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    This being a 2011 boat I would contact SeaRay first - this boat is 4yrs old, not 10 or 15.

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