Tire Review - General Tire Grabber X3

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    Posted this review on a tire site only to find out the company did not like a negative review so for what it's worth...

    Bought 4 General Grabber x3 in March of 2017 to put on my 13' RAM 2500 W/ Lorenz FOX 2.0 IPF Suspension - I don't drive the vehicle much so It was a couple of months before I went on a long road trip with the new setup. After that trip I have had them re balanced a few times with out any major improvement. Fast forward to July of 2017 -- Continental owns Grabber and they are not interested in taking them back (past the 30 day warranty) so they will get my money and an honest review. Needless to say these are not good at all for on road use. I understand they are off road tires however they should at least balance. I've already ordered some replacements for the truck and I'll use these as an excuse to buy an old off road only jeep. If you plan on doing any highway driving other than to the trails and back - pick something else! They are very noisy, I expected some noise based on video reviews however not to the level I hear. One or more tires are out of round (per tire shop). They generate a lot of heat after a 30 min. ride From the little driving I have done 1500 or so miles I already notice some tread depth loss.

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