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    So last year about mid season my sync gauge wasn't agreeing with my tachs so I talked to the people at teleflex and they said I had a bad sync module.After replacing the module the problem is still there .It seem as long as I stay under 1500 rpm the sync gauge seem to be working but any more RPM then that it start requesting a lot more RPM from my starboard engine to keep the sync gauge at zero.The previous owner had already replace the port tach. When at 3,200 rpm the tachs are with in a 100 RPM and sound insnc and the throttle levers are with in a inch of each other. The sync gauge is almost buried calling for roughly 700 more RPM from the starboard engine to be zeroed.Both motors are running good and have no problems with them.Any input would be appreciated and I know a lot of people don't ever look at a sync gauge so I've already heard that.
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    Maybe try swapping tachs and see what happens? If the same results you’ll know for sure that one of them isn’t the issue. He may have replaced one, the replacement or the other one could still be the issue at higher rpms.

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    I went through the same thing last season.
    I just found the problem last week.
    I had a misfire on the starboard motor.
    The #3 fuel injector connector was cracked on the fuel injector body.
    I would check the spark plugs/wires/cap rotor on both engines.
    And Check the fuel injector connectors.

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