Support for Coast Guard?

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by yobub, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Has anyone come across a legitimate way to support the Coast Guard families during the federal shutdown? I appreciate what they do, and I'd like to find a way to support them through this. I thought about just buying some grocery store gift cards and bringing them by our local station, but if someone has a better idea I'm open to it.

    Also, I would appreciate it if this isn't turned into a political discussion. Hopefully we can just focus on those service members who we rely on when things go south on the water.
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    A good way to help in my opinion would be to donate to Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, There are equivalent organizations for each service and each has processes and connections to hopefully get support to the members most in need.
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    First, I don't think they've missed even one paycheck.
    Second, there is a likelihood that they least one.
    Third, I think their credit union is giving interest free loans during the shutdown.
    Fourth, like all the shutdowns in the past, I'm pretty confident they will get all their pay.

    I support their efforts as well. My suggestion would be to go to your local station and see if anyone needs help. My guess / hope would be they are not living paycheck to paycheck and can weather a delay in one or two checks. But, perhaps there are some Coasties that can not.
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    Didn’t they move the USCG from Treasury to Homeland Security? If so, then they’re probably not getting their checks now but will get the back money when it’s all settled. Hopefully the Dems will come to there senses soon and stop acting like children.

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