Sundancer 340 Hatch Lift Actuator

SeaRay Sam

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Jun 18, 2021
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2003 Sea Ray Sundancer 2003 SDA
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Hey all. I have a 2003.5 Sundancer 340 SDA. One of my actuators is shot and the other is doing all the work. My hatch isn’t lifting level, I know I’m putting way to much strain on the one working actuator and it is bound to fail. Most importantly I feel unsafe every time I climb down in the bilge. Does anyone know of a ignition protected actuator replacement? I searched high and low and can’t really seem to find and easily swappable replacement. Appreciate any insight and knowledge. Thanks!
I fear I'm headed down a similar path. I think they are just a worm gear. Are they rebuildable?
Thanks, DaleM. I ended up contacted Sea Ray directly. They told me to call my local authorized Sea Ray dealer which, in my case, was MarineMax in Huntington, NY. Their parts department actually had several OEM actuators in stock. The positive is that the speed was identical to the other OEM actuator so I was able to only replace one and not both. The negative was that it was about $500 just for one. Regardless, I’m glad it’s done and works perfect.
Ok that’s good to know. I will give the MM location near me a call and see what they have.
SeaRay Sam when you removed one actuator was the other one strong enough to lower/lift the hatch? I ask because I'll have to take one home to rebuild it and will need to lower down the hatch while I'm not there.
It will hold it but the side you remove will drop several inches. It’s a bit hairy. I do not recommend removing one actuator without supporting the hatch/floor. I can’t even imagine how much that floor ways. It would be a widow maker if it came down. Lift your hatch all the way up. Drop the support leg and add a 2x4 in there for good measure. Lower the hatch so the weight is resting on the 2x4 and the drop down support leg. Then remove the actuator.
I figured it's a beast. I think I'm stuck having to potentially rebuild it on the dock instead of taking it home since I can't safely lower it and leave the boat.

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