Single chirp on alarm??

Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by Searayguy185, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Jul 17, 2017
    2004 Sea Ray 185 Sport 4.3 V6,

    2008 Toyota Highlander Sport
    Mercruiser 4.3 V6, Alpha 1 Generation 2
    I was out today running at cruising speed, a little over 3000 RPM's and I heard my alarm sound one single chirp. Not really sure why. Every thing looked good on gauges. Engine temp was right at 170 degrees, oil pressure was just over 40. I also double checked the gear lube reservoir and it was full. The engine oil level is right at the full mark in the water. The only thing that seemed weird and maybe it's fine, it seems like the oil pressure is always around 40 whether its just over idle or at 3000 rpm's. Does that sound about right. Anyway just trying to figure out what might of tripped the alarm. Again just heard it the one time. Thanks as always.

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