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Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by Dave66, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    1999 340 Dancer
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    The shower sump and the aft cabin pump on my 1999 340 dancer have no power to them. I looked at the DC wiring schematic in the sea ray owners manual for a fuse or circuit breaker and did not see one ( really small print and bad eyesight with glasses) Has anyone had problems with their sump and/or aft cabin pump losing power. Or know where the fuse/circuit breaker is for these 2 pumps/ Have not tried the bilge pumps to see if they work. Checked all the breaker panels, salon, under helm and bilge, for tripped breakers and found none.
    I have to replace the sump box because the nipple where the condensation line from the A/C unit connects to the box broke. I found this when I went to winterize the sump box and found the sump box and compartment had water in it which flowed back to the aft cabin pump which did not turn on.
    Thanks for any info you can give me
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    Not familiar with your 99 340, but the connections for the float switch and bilge pump can get cruddy over time.
    The float switches also get funky and stop working.
    Here is a place to start:
    While it could be a fuse, breaker, or bilge pump itself, it is much more likely to be either a bad float switch or bad connection down in that sump area.
    Can you get in there with a 12 volt test light?
    If so, test the wiring for power.
    There should be constant power to one of the grey wires going to the float switch, and at both when the switch is activated.
    If you have power on just the one side, but not on the other when you activate the switch then the switch is bad.
    If you have no power on either grey wire at the float switch, then work your way back to the connections and check for power there.

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