Sea Ray 36 Sedan Bridge vs Meridian 341

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    Jun 1, 2020
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    Hello, we are looking to upgrade from our current bow rider to a "cabin on the river" boat. We are currently looking at a 2006 Meridian 341 and a 2007 Sea Ray 36 Sedan Bridge. Both are gas engines. We are on the St Croix river (MN/WI) and will probably spend most of the time anchored letting our two kids play and swim off the back, but would be interested in doing some long weekends or even a week long trip down the Mississippi River to the southern MN/WI area. The Meridian is about 20k cheaper, which seems about right for these two models.

    Opinions on these two boats from those who have experienced or looked at both? Is the Sea Ray worth the extra money? Or are the sedan bridges in this size of boats a bad idea and would we be better to look at something like a 320 or 340 Sundancer?
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    Please understand this is only an opinion with some facts interjected....Aesthetically, the SR36DB is 100% better looking than the Meridian 341 to me. However, the Meridian is 100 times more dependable, electrically, than the SR. I have both on my dock and know both very well. The weak link in the 36DB is the Eplex electrical system. If the boat has been rewired with mechanical circuit breakers, it will be good to go. I am aware of one SR36 that caught on fire and the one on my dock had constant issues. Finally, the owner had it rewired and all good now. The Meridian likely has 6.2s vs 8.1s in the SR. Fuel cost will be considerably less in the Meridian.

    The cockpits on both are terribly small. There is more overall living area due to the bridge on both over a DA. The decision between the DB and DA comes down to how you see yourself using the boat and what serves you and your family’s style the best. Were it my money in your current situation, I would be all over a 340DA.

    Others will chime in, and remember, only my opinion except for the electrical (E-plex) system on the 36DB. You can do your own research around the system and see for yourself.


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