Replacing Hour Meter's

Discussion in 'Electrical Stuff' started by Blueone, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Fair enough. I was just curious if there was a simple process to run up the hours but it looks like there isn't. Funny part is my original tachs have 723 hours which is my mom's birthday, so very easy to remember and do the arithmetic going forward.
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    Apparently it's not an easy process, and thankfully (in this case) my wife's memory came in handy. I just wrote the hours on the "can" with black permanent marker. In your case since you're planning on reusing the old cans, you can just write on a piece of duct or masking tape. I figured if they didn't believe me, then they could power them up and check for themselves. Strange coincidence, but that was my Dad's birthday too.

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