Remanufactured MFDs

Discussion in 'Electronics Q&A' started by pyro, Jan 16, 2020.

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    I'm looking at Raymarine and Garmin MFDs. Leaning towards Axiom 9 or 12. There is an abundance of remanufactured units being sold for a highly attractive ~$1k off. The only downside of at least Raymarine is you can't apply for their free 3 year upgrade from standard 2 year warranty.

    But I'm highly skeptical of why there are so many remanufactured units out there. Every vendor has them and it seems there is not a small supply. How could such a large number be sent back to be so called remanufactured? Are there that many being installed, and then shipped back due to issues?
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    scam to get around MAP pricing? Jim at BOE should know
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    It’s possible there wasn’t actually done to the units. Other than a reboxing.

    Anything that has been opened and returned for any reason can no longer legally be resold as “new”. They can be checked by the mfg and sold as remanufactured though.

    My company does this for consumer products. Some are offered as remanufactured with a discount. Some used for warranty replacements. Others as an upgrade when a customers product can’t be repaired - they are offered some options from “remanufactured” stock.
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    Possibly units that were repaired/updated after a warranty claim? Have had a couple problems with the Lowrance head units within their warranty period. They offered either their latest new unit (for a fee) or a replacement (refurbished) unit of the same model. The refurbished unit came without fee and an extended 1 year warranty. Had the impression if it isn't a quick fix for them, another unit was sent out to speed up the turnaround time. Maybe they are sitting on a surplus.
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    When lightening hit my boat a few years back it smoked my Garmin MFD. Being several years old they depreciated down to zilch which pissed me off. Garmin had a deal for $300 they'd fix it or send me a remanufactured unit back if it was not repairable. I got the remanufactured unit & it still works great ~ 6 years later. Your mileage may vary...
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    I think many companies are simply replacing units under warranty and then repairing the returns and selling them as remans. Going into next season we will be on our third a Fusion stereo. The first was DOA and replaced with new, the second was replaced because I reset the DVD video resolution to one that didn’t match the tv and couldn’t switch it back because I couldn’t see the dvd setup menu. All they had to do was plug it into a compatible tv and reset the video output.

    I know a number of car manufacturers don’t fix things like transmissions at the dealer level. My current ride developed a strange noise that was originally diagnosed as being transmission related. The dealership told me that if it was the PDK they would just replace it. They just swap out the defective unit and replace it with a new or reconditioned one based on inventory.

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