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    Hi All:
    I had the plastic end of my heater hose (Red Uniflex 1/2" No. SF-858) split when disconnecting for winter storage. I thought I could just buy a new end and cut the old one off but alas, nowhere can I find a tight fitting end to re-insert into the hose end with a 1/2" female swivel (either brass or plastic). Without switching to Pex hoses (which fit nicely but do not bend well) has anyone else replaced these hoses or ends? If so what and where did you find the parts and pieces.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe it’s because the water lines are 15mm and not ½”. For parts I’ve used

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    A 1/2” Pex female fitting will work, but the 1/2” clamp will not fit over the outside of the hose as the wall is too thick. Search this site for info. TTmott used regular hose clamps and cranked them down tight. I used a spring clip and have had no issues. I have replaced 80% of all female fittings.

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    They make thee different style clamps for pex, one the standard clamp another is a type of ratchet clamp, third is a type of crimp like the old style fuel line clamps on cars, down side you need the special tools for each. the last two will probably work but I've never tried them
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    Whatever clamp you use warm the hose end up with a heat gun; it will become soft and pliable and easily conform to the smaller PEX fittings.
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    Whale systems makes the 15mm stuff you need.
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    You can order 15mm from Defender.

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