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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dave S, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. tdgard

    tdgard Member

    Jun 4, 2013
    Atlanta, GA
    05-270 Sundeck
    496 w/Bravo III
    Funny thing is that's her self appointed name!
  2. CliffA

    CliffA Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Dec 29, 2009
    Lake Norman, NC
    2001 Sea Ray 340DA
    Name: 'Happy Place'
    4.5kW West. Generator
    Purchased Nov. 2014
    Fresh Water Use
    Twin Merc. 6.2L (MPI)
    Raw Water Cooled
    V-Drive Transmissions
    finally got around to putting the name on our boat this past WE....

  3. NotHerDecision

    NotHerDecision Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Jun 28, 2016
    Houston, Texas
    2001 Sea Ray 460 Sundancer
    2014 Seadoo 155 LTD
    2105 Seadoo 130 SE
    2013 Mercury Dinghy
    Cummins 6CTA 8.3L
    Named our Optional Necessity. Just thought it was fitting. I really like livin' lucky as well

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  4. Raeoflight

    Raeoflight Member

    Sep 29, 2015
    Pickwick, TN
    1999 SeaRay 460
    Twin diesel
    I'm not one to open up and post a lot of goofy, emotional stuff but my wife and I had a daughter 10.5 years ago. I don't really know how to type my luck or feelings for what my wife gave me or for the love I have from my daughter. We have been on Crownlines until 3 years ago and the last was Nauti Lady. We agreed Rae of Light was a fine name for a family boat as that is her middle name. She is defiantly a light in my life.
  5. highslice

    highslice Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    Mar 28, 2008
    Table Rock Lake, Hollister Missouri
    270 SLX
    496 Mag
    Bravo III
    Kickin' Back

    Both of my kids were playing soccer when we bought this boat and both the game and relaxing were very important to us. So we wanted something that incorporated both. I had been telling my kids that taking time to "kick back" now and again since they were very young and they ended up suggesting the name. My oldest switched to football, but my youngest played soccer year round through high school and a year in college.
  6. mjoplin

    mjoplin Member

    Oct 10, 2016
    Houston, TX
    2005 Sundancer 280
    Twin 4.3 Mercruiser
    My wife was named after the Rod Stewart song and it seemed the perfect name for our first boat together.... We've been owners for a whole two weeks and loving it so far!

  7. romanservices

    romanservices Member

    Aug 24, 2016
    Chesapeak Bay
    1999 Sea Ray 370 AC, Raymarine es98 - AlbaCombi NMEA2K converter -
    Twin 454 Horizon MAG MPI - replaced 2016
    My recent purchase has me renaming a boat. I don't believe in that superstition however I will be doing a little ceremony and keeping a floor mat with the old name just in case.

    Old Name: "Your Money"

    New Name: "Isla Del Mar" Island of the sea
  8. Jaybeaux

    Jaybeaux Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jan 3, 2016
    Upper Potomac River
    420 Sundancer 2004
    Naught On Call
    Cummins 6CTA-8.3's with V-Drives
    9KW Onan Genset
    Bought our boat in August, and we just got the new graphics installed. The Admiral cried a bit when I suggested the name as it incorporates her name. Smart Captain!

    Naught On Call
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  9. FIXN2GO

    FIXN2GO New Member

    Oct 5, 2016
    Lake Lanier - Georgia
    2002 Sea Ray 360 DA
    8.1 HO 370's
    Our Sea Ray Sundeck 240 was called Fix'n To Go. Our new Sundancer 360 is called Fix'n To Go II...

    Fix'n To... (Defined) means ... contemplating taking some sort of action. But don't count on it actually happening. As in: Fix'n to mow the lawn, or take out the trash.
  10. h_gerry

    h_gerry Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Jun 19, 2013
    Oceanside, NY
    400 Express Cruiser - 1994 with
    Raytheon 41xx Radar, Northstar 6000i GPS
    Kohler 5E
    454 Mercruiser Inboards
    The renaming ceremonies I have heard about ALL say to NOT leave anything on the boat with the old name. Why temp fate/the Gods/Neptune/Murphy/etc......
  11. The Bill Collector

    The Bill Collector Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Jun 2, 2008
    Tacoma, WA
    450 Sundancer
    3126 Cat's
    We had a friend who is a Minister do ours.... We found the verbiage online and used lots of salt spread around the outside of the boat.
  12. Jaybeaux

    Jaybeaux Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jan 3, 2016
    Upper Potomac River
    420 Sundancer 2004
    Naught On Call
    Cummins 6CTA-8.3's with V-Drives
    9KW Onan Genset

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  13. SkiPharmer

    SkiPharmer Member

    Jul 27, 2014
    St. Croix River, MN
    "Apres Ski" is a 1995 Sea Ray Sundancer 330, Twin 454 MerCruiser V-Drives
    Twin 7.4 Liter Mercruisers V-drives
    My wife and I are both pharmacists so our old Crownline 240 BR was named "DEALERx" and now we have a 1995 Sea Ray 330 Sundancer named "Apres-Ski". we are big downhill skiers and Apres-Ski means "after-ski" in French, basically its happy hour after skiing. Thought it was fitting since what do you do after skiing? you boat! our boat name inspired a new side business for us too. Check it out!
  14. TN370

    TN370 Member

    Jul 20, 2016
    1995 370 Sundancer
    Twin 454s
  15. Jgren

    Jgren Member

    Apr 27, 2016
    2001 290 Amberjack
    Merc 5.7 EFI's
    Last name is Gren so we fit it in...
  16. Rayvonne

    Rayvonne Member

    Oct 15, 2016
    Elk Grove / Originally S.F.
    MC Prostar 205v / 390 SeaRay DA
    Master Craft Single 330 hp V-Drive
    390DA Twin Diesels QSB5.9 380's
    I just heard...not to rename the boat while its on the water. God Neptune will not approve. but if done out of the water he might not know.

    Having the old name removed while dry docked.
  17. Todd320

    Todd320 Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jul 21, 2016
    St. Petersburg, FL
    2007 Sea Ray 320DA
    Twin V-drive 5.7L 350 Horizon
    Just put the name on last weekend...

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  18. velooce

    velooce Member

    Jan 28, 2008
    Pacific Northwest
    1977 30' Weekender
    Twin Merc 454's, Hurth straight inboards
    Nap Tyme might be available now
  19. Scott3262

    Scott3262 Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Myrtle Beach, S. C.
    2003 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer
    350 Mercrusier w/ Bravo III out drive
    Looks great! VM

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  20. JVM225

    JVM225 Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Apr 8, 2008
    Farmingdale, NY
    2002 410 Sundancer, Monaco Edition.
    3126 Cats.
    Our last boat was "Merri Mack", and as per the Admiral we are sticking with that name on the boat that we just closed on yesterday. We're just going to put a very small, almost like a trademark symbol, roman numeral II on it. I want to make the roman numeral so small that you won't see it from more than 30 or 40 feet.
    We are going to have some kind of renaming ceremony when we take delivery of her in the Spring.

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