Parking your boat and trailer on a down hill slope.

Discussion in 'Trailering' started by Stingrayaxe, Jun 30, 2017.

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    My trailer has surge brakes on one of the two axles. My buddy gets use of a lake house from time to time. They invite the admiral and me to join them. Maybe because I have the boat?? Anyway, the house is on a steep down hill street. What's the best method for parking? I know to turn the wheel into the curb. I chock the wheels on the trailer. Should I allow the trailer to run down hill into the hitch so the surge brakes assist? Or should I chock the trailer and pull forward slightly to take the pressure off of the truck before setting the parking brake and putting it into park? I'm thinking the second way is best. I welcome your thoughts.
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    IMO the second method is best.....chock the trailer tires (both sides) then ease the trailer forward until the tires are wedged against the chocks and the pressure is relived from the surge need to keep constant pressure on the braking system and tow vehicle transmission if it is not needed....then set the parking brakes of the tow vehicle and put the transmission in park.....this will act as a secondary stop if the chocks do not hold as expected....turning the front tires of the tow vehicle into a curb doesn't hurt if you have that could also use a second set of chocks on the tow vehicle......

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