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    [TD]Note To Drug Runners - Check TFRs Before Flight
    [​IMG] A Cessna 182 that violated a presidential TFR in southern California on Thursday morning posed no threat to President Obama, officials said, but the pilot faces prosecution because authorities discovered 40 pounds of marijuana inside the airplane. Two Air Force F-16s scrambled to intercept the Cessna after it strayed into a eight-mile-wide TFR where Marine One was carrying the president. The 182 landed at Long Beach Airport, where federal officials turned the pilot over to local police.
    Feb 17, 3:36pm UTC​

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    He was such a dope head!
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    Somewhat related ; we have a constant stream of pangas (20 - 40 ft outboards) running drugs from Mexico along the coast. The Feds have a speedboat in SD harbor with about 12 outboards on it that can probably hit 100 miles an hour to catch these guys. The drug runners operate at night, no lights, about 10 miles off the coast. They will then land in north San Diego county beaches, where the mules pick it up. Same for human cargo, except when they sink, lots of people who cant swim end up drowning.

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