Old Farts Disease is a bitch

Been doing the stretches and the frozen water bottle, along with some steroids the doc prescribed. Pain has gone from a 10 to a 2. It was so bad the day before Thanksgiving that I used one of those motorized shopping carts. Drove past a 90 Y/O lady pushing her own cart. Felt like she was judging me.
I have never had plantar fascitis, so i guess i am not all that old. I have however had gout outbreaks that would kill the normal man.
Pressure on the tendon from below works for me. I freeze a can of peas, put that under the foot and roll the can back and forth with pressure. It will hurt but you have to stretch the tendon to ultimately make it better. Worst thing I can do is let it stayed curled up.
This works for mine as well. It is shity pain and will make you feel old. I ultimately got a cortisone shot in my foot and that gave it time to heal.

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