Okeechobee Waterway - any anchorage recommendations?

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by ZZ13, Feb 14, 2018.

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    I will be making this crossing east to west in a few weeks. I have never done it before. I'll be starting at Ft Pierce. I plan to go on plane across the lake along the upper route, but will go slow the rest of the way. Do any of you have suggestions for good spots to stop and anchor for the nights? Yes, I can read Active Captain but I like you all better.
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    We have done Stuart to Fort Meyers in a day. A long day.

    We have done it in two days with a split in the middle. When we split, we stopped at Clewiston, Roland Martins.

    Not sure about anchoring locations (never have anchored on the Lake crossing).

    There is a place to tie up at LaBelle. I never have but know others who have used it and would do it again. If I was crossing and wanted to tie up, I would consider stopping at LaBelle. I think it is no charge.

    To get from Fort Pierce to LaBelle in a day, I think you might have to run on plane more than just across the lake. There is a large percentage of the canal that you can run on plane.

    There are people who tie up overnight to the pilings prior to the locks, that would be an option.

    You may already be looking at this link, but including in case you haven't seen it.


    Really good information regarding bridges and locks. That will be a big determining factor on transit time.

    When going from the east, we have always staged at Sunset Marina in Stuart. This is inside the bridge at Stuart which you will need to open to get through.

    We would leave Stuart before daylight, since the first segment has a lot of no wake. Have to run slow anyway. By daylight then we are in the area we could start picking up speed.

    Yes, use the direct route, not the rim route. When running the 20 miles or so across the lake do not deviate from the channel. Have been told there are all kinds of problems if you wander out of the channel.

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    We stayed at Calusa Jack's overnight on the way from Ft. Pierce to Clearwater.

    Left Stuart, FL around 9am, Got to Calusa Jack's just at sunset. They had fuel, clean bathrooms and showers. The river was calm, not a lot of boat traffic as we slept. The staff was kind enough to drive my wife to the local store for a few provisions.

    Check the closed tab on the website to make sure they're open when you plan on staying there.
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    Enjoy the trip, unless lake levels very high, go across to Clewiston, Roland Martin marina is a fun place, great outdoor bar. Easy day down to Ft Myers for next day.
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    I think the lake level is close to 15, 12 is the minimum for me to cross.

    At what point do they close the flood gates at Clewiston?

    I agree with stopping at Roland Martins, just make sure you bring your bug spray... Grocery stores sell those little fans with Off spray that you can hang in the cockpit and flybridge, highly recommend for overnight there.
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