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Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by gredmer, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Think you got that one wrong... the 1, 2 both switch runs a 2 battery bank and switches between batteries, has nothing to do with engines and house. At least that's how my 280 was wired.
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    Great - any other questions and I'll be able to refer you to the page numbers.
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    Sep 19, 2017
    Catawba Island, Oh
    2005 280DA
    Raymarine E80
    5.0 with Bravo 3
    From an earlier post, I'm installing a in hull transducer and was wondering how to run the transducer wire to the helm. Past few days I've been investigating pulling panels and have finally done so. There is a panel in the aft stateroom on the starboard side. Mine is held in place with 4 screws. The pic below shows the panel and what's behind it. Looks like real easy access to the helm and the ER. I'm going to drill a new hole for the transducer wire since I don't want to disturb the wires that are sealed in with silicone. I will in turn seal that transducer wire with silicone to prevent any CO2 migration into the cabin. What could have been a major project looks now like e it's easy peasy! IMG_6249.jpg IMG_6255.JPG
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    Sep 19, 2017
    Catawba Island, Oh
    2005 280DA
    Raymarine E80
    5.0 with Bravo 3
    You might want to check your manual to see if someone rewired your boat. Mine is confirmed by the manual.

    Switch on the left is for a two battery bank #1 controls the port engine #2 is the house battery and Both = port engine and house 12v.
    Switch on the right is on and off = starboard engine

    When I get a chance I'll snap a pic of the manual page that confirms this.
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    There is no “house” battery on the 280. A true house battery may be charged by an engine alternator but it is isolated from starting and running the engine.

    Look at the wiring diagram. One engine does have two batteries. Both of these batteries feed the same circuits, either individually (1 or2), or together in parallel (both).

    The distinction between house and starting is not just a naming convention, but also one of battery design. Starting batteries are good at high amp power bursts, but bad at being discharged to low levels. The batteries used at for house use suck at high amp discharge, but can be drained flat over and over. There is also a third option the so called dual purpose battery that is sort of half way in between, these are the class of battery that makes sense for sea rays and the way they are wired.

    The battery switches control not only which battery will start the engine and run the dc circuits, but also what battery will be charged by the alternator. So when running the engine the switch should always be both to ensure both batteries will be charged. A good trick is to use the date to decide which battery to use at anchor, 1 for odd numbered days, 2 for even. This will keep the discharge histories similar.

    From the factory the port and starboard engine batteries were isolated. A common dealer installed option was to add a cross over switch to all the port battery to start starboard engine and give versa.


    When on shore power, or the generator (if equipped) with the charger (converter) switched on all batteries will charge regardless of battery switch position. Likewise, bilge pumps always have power regardless of battery position.
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    2007 280 SeaRay Sundancer | Twin 4.3 Mercruiser MPI
    Twin 4.3 Mercruiser MPI
    My results from recent compression test (4.3 MPI, after 375 hours and 12 years)
    STBD: 149-150 151-150 148-152
    PORT: 151-147 150-152 148-151
    NOTE: All within 5% good compression numbers
    Note was entered by MARINEMAX technician
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    Took delivery of a 280 Sea Ray Express last May. The generator was working fine. When I returned to Florida the switch in the Cabin does nothing but I discovered a Run and Auto on the generator in the Bilge. When I hit run the genny started but shut off quickly. Digital Control said LOC(looks of coolant). Question being any idea why that switch on the control panel could be dead and is it possible someone shut the Generator Sea Cock? The dealer came during the summer to change the water heater out. I don’t mean to seam dumb but I am new to this

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