Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundancer Thread


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May 21, 2008
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Not sure if this is appropriate or if we all even want to start anew with a separate thread for just our model years. While our size is close that is about where it stops in terms of similarity to the 98-03 340 model. Unless repowered we don't share the same engine or drivetrain, and all of the systems are reconfigured.

It's just getting tough to wade through 800 some posts with a mix of models.

Just a thought. If nobody wants to do it no big deal.
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Re: 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

I am in - and will continue to be in the other one. Does this one serve drinks?

Sorry - in a jovial mood, headed to the boat this afternoon for the night.
Re: 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

I've read John's article on changing the impellers and it made me feel a lot better about shelling out $$ to let a mechanic do it. I have done fluids, spark plugs, generator impellers, etc, but that is one task that does not look like much fun. I have to slither my fat butt over the engines now just to do simple things. I think John is in a lot better shape than me.
Re: 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

Does anyone have the p/n for LED festoon bulbs in the cockpit?
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Go to I replaced all lights on the boat with LEDs from their site. You can choose colors as well as warm or cool interior lights. Not sure what you are referring to as festoon lights, but if you describe, I saved all of my paperwork from ordering.
Re: 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

When I say festoon type lights I'm talking about the cockpit lights. I'll send you a PM with my email if you don't mind sending me your paperwork. Will make things much easier.
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So we start compiling some good info in here, what is everyone's best cruise RPM and speed. 3600 feels like a good spot to me and I think I was doing around 27mph. I've only had the boat out for sea trial and one run after that so am really looking for what the masses are doing.
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I am at 3400 at 32mph ( with new 4 blade props) burning about 30gph but I have Bravo IIIs so they are not comparable to V-drives.
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I replaced the lamps on my 340 with the following from Super Bright LEDs:

G4B-WWHP10-DAC Warm White for the small disk overhead lights throughout the cabin and bathroom

G4-WWHP15-TAC Warm White for the adjustable spot lights by the berth and in the mid stateroom

4210-BHP6 Blue for the cockpit and arch festoon lights

The warm white color is still very white compared to the original incandescent lamps that were originally installed. I tried a few cool white, but for me they were too cool of a color, much like fluorescent. I am very pleased with the lamps and the fact that they put out almost no heat. Current draw is next to nothing as well.

Good luck, they're easy to change out.

Re: Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

Martin, thanks for the list of LED's. You just saved us all a ton of time!
Re: Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

Silly question but may as well ask before I look like like a fool.

Does the rear sun pad filler cushion utilize the cockpit table? If so how?
Re: 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

Need a shower curtain for a 05 340. It measures 27" x 67.5" according to parts manual. Dealer said no longer available, any ideas?
Re: Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundacer Thread

Anybody have any idea where the ambient temperature sensor(s) is? My air and water temperature are way off and I have an active alarm for the sensor.

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