New Zinc Product - Better Mousetrap or a Gimmick. . . .

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines/Drives/Transmissions/Props' started by Maybe A Dancer, Jan 23, 2023.

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    Attended AGLCA's annual Looperpalooza event in Ft Myers this week to gather information.

    An advertisement for this product was in the goodie bag:

    Advantages – REDZn Engine Anodes (

    Not sure I have figured out exactly how this BETTER MOUSETRAP actually works.

    Comments ?

    BEST !

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    Interesting but if you change your zincs regularly this is not an issue. At least not for me.
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    Cost relative to
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    These might be useful for CAT 3116/3126 aftercoolers. Those are small, tend to get stuck and break off. Might be worth a try.

    I haven’t lost one since I changed to the Performance Metals’ Navalloy anodes with the wire retainer, and checking on a regular schedule. I also Loctite them in the cap. It’s been a good system and documented on CSR somewhere.
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    I read this forum often and post on occasion - I am also the designer of REDZn Engine Anodes. Broadly speaking, the 'better mousetrap' works by:
    • prevents torque from being transferred to the rod so it gets pulled straight out along its strongest direction (with no breakage).

    • prevents a stuck rod from un-threading from the plug and being left behind (there are no internal threads)
    The 2 modes of failure (besides leaving them in so long that they disintegrate) are:

    1) The rod is stuck in the cooler, but the internal cavity threads are not fused
    In this case the plug unthreads from the rod and the rod gets left behind

    2) The rod is stuck in the cooler AND the internal cavity threads have fused.
    In this case, the plug/rod have basically become a single unit. Force from the wrench gets directly translated to torque on the zinc which breaks (generally at the shoulder where the fat part of the rod transitions to the skinnier threaded portion).

    REDZn anodes prevent this by relieving the torque. The rod is held in the plug in such a way that it is allowed to rotate relative to the plug, but it is still retained which turns the plug into a pulling device (no/minimal torque transmitted to rod and linear pull - think prop-puller).

    I hope this explanation helps. I created REDZn because I was frustrated with the 'simple' process of engine zinc maintenance on my own boat. I wouldn't have bothered manufacturing them if they didn't work so well. There are 15 zincs on my boat between the motors and generator - I know the zinc changing drill and the before/after experience. My answer to RWS's (the op) question is 'NOT a gimmick!'.

    RWS - I hope that helps to explain how it works. I'm happy to go into further detail here or off-line if you have any questions. You can get me via the forum or through

    Enjoy Looperpalooza.

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