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Discussion in 'Who's Who' started by NickB, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. NickB

    NickB New Member

    Feb 14, 2017
    Huntington NY
    2004 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer, Garmin GPSMAP 840xs, Raymarine SL-70 Radar
    Twin inboard Merc 6.2 MPI 320HP gasoline engines
    Hi everyone -

    Proud owner of an '06 320 Sundancer. This is our third year with her and about our 6th season boating. We spent the first three years on the South Shore of Long Island but have since moved to North shore. Wow, totally different boating, we are still learning everyday out there!

    Hope to make the trip to Block Island this summer, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Nick & Jen, Lucas (8), Katie(4), and the pooch Eddie (3)
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  2. JimG

    JimG Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Nov 4, 2008
    Southern WV
    2007 310 DA
    Kohler 5ECD
    Twin 350 Mags
    Raw Water Cooled
    Welcome to CSR!
  3. Boater420

    Boater420 Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2015
    Clearwater, FL
    '97 330 Sundancer
    Westerbeke 4.5BCG
    Twin Merc 454's
    Welcome to CSR!
  4. Hifirush

    Hifirush Member

    Mar 21, 2014
    North Padre Island
    1998 330 DA, 7.4 MPI with V-Drives, raw water cooled, Westerbeke
    twin 7.4 MPI’s with V-Drives
    Welcome aboard! Wish I could give you advice, but that's way out of my area. Plenty of others can though!

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  5. Strypes

    Strypes Active Member

    Dec 10, 2015
    Catawba Island
    12 Meter Trojan International Motor Yacht
    210 Sea Fox Center Console
    Avon 3.11 RIB
    454 Crusaders
    V6 Mercury Saltwater 150HP
    4 Stroke 5HP Mercury
  6. northshore

    northshore Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jan 17, 2011
    Cleveland, OH
    1989 340 Sundancer
    Raymarine E90W Radar/Chartplotter
    Twin 454 Mercruiser 340's
  7. Dani-Lu

    Dani-Lu Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    Apr 20, 2007
    Long Island - Great South Bay / Delray Beach, Fl.
    2001 410DA
    3126 Cats
    Welcome aboard. We live on the north shore, but we boat on the south shore.
  8. tdschafer

    tdschafer Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Long island , NY
    1997 330 sundancer
    twin 454's, Carb, V-Drives
    Welcome Nick. Like Dani-Lu, we also live on the north shore of Long Island, but keep the boat on the south shore. We really love the ocean beaches & they keep my kids (ages 9, 11 & 13) active and electronics free!!

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  9. NickB

    NickB New Member

    Feb 14, 2017
    Huntington NY
    2004 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer, Garmin GPSMAP 840xs, Raymarine SL-70 Radar
    Twin inboard Merc 6.2 MPI 320HP gasoline engines
    We did that for 3 years and Loved it....but with the kids activities we found ourselves not getting out as much as we would like. You know, if basketball ends at 12pm are you then going to pack up and drive 45 minutes to the boat? Just didn't work. I miss Hemlock Cove and weekends at Watch Hill SO MUCH! So, while we miss the beach, we now live <5 minutes from the boat and use it much more.
  10. h_gerry

    h_gerry Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Jun 19, 2013
    Oceanside, NY
    400 Express Cruiser - 1994 with
    Raytheon 41xx Radar, Northstar 6000i GPS
    Kohler 5E
    454 Mercruiser Inboards
    Welcome aboard! We live and boat on the south shore. There are others on here that live and boat on the north shore along with people on the CT coast. If you have not seen it yet, check out the threads for the Northeast Flotilla. Lots of fun with a great group of people.

    This is last years thread:

    keep an eye out for the 2017, coming soon........
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  11. tdschafer

    tdschafer Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Long island , NY
    1997 330 sundancer
    twin 454's, Carb, V-Drives
    I understand that logic. My buddy did that too. He got called for a town slip at Mount Sinai harbor. Same deal, 5 minutes to the boat. After 3 seasons he moved back down to the south shore. He found that he was primarily sitting at the marina up there or anchoring in Pirates cove for the day. His wife and kids just didn't enjoy it as much & neither did he. Our boats are 30 mins door to door so not really bad, especially for what we do once there. My kids are VERY active in multiple sports so we are resigned to primarily July & August boating for now. In all honesty, even if my boat was local to me, I doubt that I would have time to use it on a Saturday when I have 3 - 5 games all over the island. I hope it works out better for you because I do miss the longer boating season a little.....but not while watching the kids play!

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  12. rcmafgny

    rcmafgny Active Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    Long Island, NY
    2008 33 Sundancer; Kohler Gen set; Simrad electronics
    Twin 8.1 Horizons w/ V Drives
    We're 5 minutes from cold Spring Harbor but keep the boat in Seaford. did the reverse. Had a few smaller boats and launched from CSH and now found solace in the south shore.
  13. FootballFan

    FootballFan Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Jun 20, 2012
    Marquis 59
    MTU Series 60
    Welcome to CSR. 320 is a great boat.

  14. Gofirstclass

    Gofirstclass Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2010
    Tri Cities, WA
    1995 550 Sedan Bridge,
    2010 Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport,
    1981 Boston Whaler 130 Sport,
    CAT 3406C's, 580hp.
    Welcome. As the very satisfied owner of two 330's, let me say that I think y'all have a great boat.
  15. Banagy

    Banagy Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Bay Port,MI
    2005 Sun Deck with Lowrance HDS 7 Touch Gen 2 GPS fish finder and Navman radio Bennett Trim Tabs.
    5.0 with Alpha 1 drive
    Welcome aboard
  16. Bridog

    Bridog Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Oct 4, 2006
    Gulf Shores AL / Brick NJ
    2016 19SPX OB
    Mercury 150 4S OB
    Lots of great CSR members here from your area. Welcome.
  17. NickB

    NickB New Member

    Feb 14, 2017
    Huntington NY
    2004 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer, Garmin GPSMAP 840xs, Raymarine SL-70 Radar
    Twin inboard Merc 6.2 MPI 320HP gasoline engines
    You know what I liked the most about keeping it close to home? My wife saying things like "go right to the boat from the train, the kids and I will bring a pizza and meet you there" on a weeknight!

    But, yeah, we may end up back on south shore at some point. In my old age I'd love to own home on FI and stay there all summer!
  18. Gary B

    Gary B Member

    May 20, 2015
    Long Island
    2007 52 Sedan Bridge
    Cummins QSM 11
    Welcome! The 320 is a very nice boat. About 15 years ago we boated on the South Shore, then did split seasons spending the spring/fall in Lindenhurst and the summer on the north shore. After a few years we decided to keep our boat in Huntington for 9 years and really enjoyed it. We have been in Greenport for the last 7 years.

    If you loved Hemlock there is a great cove out at Lloyd neck locals calls the sand hole that is terrific. It's a bit tricky to get in at first so you may want to follow someone with local knowledge. When our kids were young we would go to the Westport town Marina called Compo. You do not have to be a resident. Cheapest gas you will find on the sound and they have a beautiful Marina, unbelievable trex playground, very nice beach for the Sound and tennis,basketball and skateboard courts. Great day or overnight trip.

    We go to Block every year multiple times so feel free to IM me if I can help you.
  19. kvduff

    kvduff Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Northport NY
    CeTrick - 2006 320 da 6.2 mpi, v-drives, Raymarine c80 chart plotter/radar
    mercruiser 6.2 mpi mx horizon
    Welcome, we also own an '06 320. We boat in the same waters, Northport here. The sand hole that was mentioned above is an awesome place, he is rigt, it's very tricky. Lots of great destinations on the Connecticut shore.

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  20. JVM225

    JVM225 Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Apr 8, 2008
    Farmingdale, NY
    2002 410 Sundancer, Monaco Edition.
    3126 Cats.
    Welcome! We live in the northern most part of Farmingdale, a chip shot away from the clubhouse at Bethpage, which is not all that close to either shore and puts us about 7 1/2 miles (20 minute drive) from our dock in Lindenhurst. I've never boated on the North Shore but would love to give it a shot sometime for a change of scenery and a couple of new destinations.

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