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Discussion in 'Who's Who' started by BruceK, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Mar 23, 2009
    toms river,nj
    340 Sundancer 2001
    T 454 MPI
    Mating the upper and lower halves of the outdrive is a PITA...:smt021 I built a wooded rack to hold my outdrive and mated the upper and lower halves off the boat, then instaledl the reassembled outdrive on the boat... It took three tries before I got it back together. The result of the fun I had is, I now pay others more proficient with outdrive repair to work ont the out drive. BTW, I showed my SWMBO you thread and she thinks your are a comedy writer for a British sitcom... She is making SWMBO T shirts for herself and her girl friends... See what you started... If only we could hear from your lovely wife, I am sure she would sing your praises... :smt101
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    Jul 30, 2011
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    That's exactly where SWMBO comes from a sitcom about a criminal London Barrister called Rumpole who practices law at the Old Bailey defending criminals and getting most of them off:) It's called: "Rumpole of the Bailey", it is very funny, he's a bit of a drinker, married a hoyty toyty Judge's daughter, the original SWMBO. The sitcom was actually written by a Barrister, John Mortimer and ended in the early 90's I think. If you like British comedies take a look at it, it may be even be on Net Flicks. Next to "Only Fools and Horses....." it was one of my favourites.
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    Feb 25, 2014
    Wales UK
    1989 21 foot Sea Ray Seville
    Mercruiser 3l 4 cyl
    I might hasten to assure you SWMBO is no laughing matter. The consequences of such a faux pas would be dire in the extreme. I swear she keeps a little black book of my every transgression for the sole purpose of digging out and proving what a insensitive, tactless and miserable b*stid I really am at every opportunity and whenever there is some spat. I mean come on! In the face of such overwhelming onslaught and wealth of incriminating evidence who wouldn't lay down and roll over on command? No, prudence dictates sneaky machinations and the feign of absolute devotion. My boy was expelled from school yesterday. He has a lot to learn from his dad still. He took his teacher head on. Sneaky my boy, sneaky. If my lot is grim I take solace in the fact that whichever poor fellow she hitched her wagon to must look at me with envy.

    Anyway I spent my entire day fantasising of the retribution and vengeance I would deliver to the local mercruiser dealer's PFY. If I tell you I am looking for the seal that sits at the bottom of the upper gearcase. Right in the very bottom mind. The one that every cheap ass clown destroys mating the two housings together. The one that protects the drive shaft splines from water ingress. The one that when you thrust the drive shaft in tears ...nevermind. Everybody knows which seal I am after right?
    Pimply Faced Youth was a right officious and condescending prat. 'What is the serial number sir?' Embarrassed silence on my part with hands in pockets I fumble and look at my shoes. I'm rebuilding this thing right? Not some noob. I have grease under my finger nails. Thats bona fida grease right there.

    'cant help you sir. Computer wants a number'

    Oh FFS. So to get the part I had to buy a tin of paint stripper and a tin of paint so I could get a serial number for a mid 80s MR Alpha gen 1 all of whom use the same seal. Its not like there variants on this item. They don't make paint stripper like they used to either. Worried it might kill a few sewer rats they are. Bloody good job my boy had been expelled it was. I wouldn't have got any work done anyway. It was a very long lunch break and nothing was achieved. But I did beat my boy 3 - 0 on Wii Sports and get the dishes done before SWMBO got home from the office.
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    Apr 22, 2013
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    20 ft. cuddy 1990
    mercruiser 454
    Lets keep our priorities straight-Its just frigging boat!

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