New prop design.....interesting.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quint4, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Fly'n Family

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    Sep 19, 2013
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    Very impressive.....hopefully someone gets a cost answer. Pretty easy to extrapolate the value from there.
  2. spikedaddy99

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Prentice, Wi
    2005 500 DB
    No answer 24ish hours later. M
  3. Lazy Daze

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    Apr 21, 2009
    Very interesting. Whether this plays out for the recreational market or not, who knows. But at the very least, it's nice to see some thought going into a different way of doing things. I remember, quite a while ago, there was some kind of prop where the blades changed their angle as the RPM's changed? Sort of like shifting gears in a car. But there were issues with it. I don't recall much else, though.

    Another thought... and this is not to take away from the product, just wondering outloud... right now, there is a very well established network of prop shops that can fix damaged props. What would happen in this case? Sent back to manufacturer? Just have to buy a new one? These would obviously be more difficult to repair and would require a prop shop to make a sizable investment into the tooling (if even possible).
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  4. techmitch

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    May 1, 2008
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    Bad connection today and video keeps breaking up. Does it say anything about performance in reverse?
  5. Air O'Nautical

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    Feb 5, 2008
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    Hurth straight shaft 630's,
    Westerbeke 7.0 BCG claimed it was far superior both forward and reverse.
    Pretty exciting advancements to the old screw.
  6. JVM225

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    They would have to be really competitively priced in order to get a foothold in the recreational market.
    They’d also probably have to develop a wide network of dealers with good stock available to replace damaged props on recreational boats.
  7. Gofirstclass

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    I agree with JVM, and all of those things he mentioned take time to get set up. He'd also have to create a large manufacturing facility just to get some props out there for boaters to buy.
  8. douglee25

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    Jan 13, 2008
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  9. Gofirstclass

    Gofirstclass Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2010
    Tri Cities, WA
    1995 550 Sedan Bridge,
    2010 Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport,
    1981 Boston Whaler 130 Sport,
    CAT 3406C's, 580hp.
    Just to clarify, I have no interest in buying a new set of props. After our summer long trip to Canada we'll be selling Beachcomber and buying a motor home of some sort.

    Makes no sense at this point to drop ~10 boat bucks on props I'd probably never use.
  10. Motoguy2158

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    Oct 13, 2018
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    Very interesting to see what it would do on my 340 with v drives. The only test they have advertised was on a small outboard boat... They talk about freighters and large ocean type boats. Just wondering if small and light boats or slow and heavy might be a sweet spot for them. I sent in an inquiry regarding my boat. Will be interesting to see.
  11. radscoot

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    Nov 8, 2016
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    5.7 Merc/Bravo 111
  12. PMC

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    Apr 10, 2009
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    Cummins 6CTA
    It is a very interesting design. It reads like an aluminium 3D Lazer printed, which I suspect is disposable after a strike......but if the numbers are right, you keep a spares and buy new.......
  13. mwph

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    Jul 8, 2008
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    1998 250 DA
    7.4L, B3
    Interesting data to say the least.
    As mentioned in earlier posts, I too think that the price point may be prohibitive to the large majority of recreational boaters. I for one am not overly concerned with fuel burn & top speed. I would like a slower plane speed, but am not willing to spend a fortune to get it. I suspect that that is representitive of a lot of "recreational boaters".
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  14. Boat Guy

    Boat Guy Well-Known Member

    Any pricing yet?
  15. DWABoat

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    Aug 13, 2019
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    Some real good points above on choice in the recreational industry.
    If the prop does give better performance but costs a lot more, it would probably only affect new boat sales due to cost-benefit for existing boats.
    Then, the prop selection would be similar to buying a new Chevy truck today: the 5.3L or the 6.2L? Certainly the 6.2 is a beast in performance, but initial cost and long term economy keep many of us rooted.
    I can see where offshore fisherman needing speed and unlikely to hit a log may choose a prop like that, even if it costs a thousand more.
    I run rescue boats in the MS River. While I need speed, I need a prop that can hit logs and other debris and still make it to my destination. Saving a little fuel or planing a few seconds quicker are not my primary concern. Unless these props are stronger than a 4-blade SS, we will not be changing to these new props with my organization.

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