My Summer Is Over

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Woody, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Woody

    Woody Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Nov 20, 2007
    N. Wisconsin/Lk Superior
    2005 420DA
    Cummins 6CTA8.3
    Here we are again, end of the season for me. It wasn't a good one, the weather just didn't cooperate. A wet, cool, and windy season.

    We had little fun with the boat, the grandkids don't come anymore, they're too busy. 14 years of always having a kid or two on board, now that they're not we recognize how big a part of 'our' fun they were.

    We set out this spring with the goal to use the boat more than ever, lists of places were made and great plans of what to do when we got there. Few places ended up checked off the list.

    If this Climate Change thing is to blame and it's what future summers will be like I'm actually thinking of selling the boat. We'll give it one more shot next summer and see.

    Sorry if I'm splashing some cold water on the rest of you, but up here that's all we have.;) Haul out for me is next Monday, 9/25/17, this year I'm actually looking forward to it.
  2. CliffA

    CliffA Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Dec 29, 2009
    Lake Norman, NC
    2001 Sea Ray 340DA
    Name: 'Happy Place'
    4.5kW West. Generator
    Purchased Nov. 2014
    Fresh Water Use
    Twin Merc. 6.2L (MPI)
    Raw Water Cooled
    V-Drive Transmissions
    sad to hear Woody.....come on down south for year round boating....the weather is beautiful in the Carolinas and we get various weather as expected with all 4 seasons.....

    we'll leave the light on for you.....:)....

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  3. JimG

    JimG Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Nov 4, 2008
    Southern WV
    2007 310 DA
    Kohler 5ECD
    Twin 350 Mags
    Raw Water Cooled
    My boat is already out... came out 9/10. We had a great summer! Very little rain, no wind, and lots of warm sunshine! I think I counted 56 nights aboard. Only a few of those were at the marina... most were out on the hook rafted up with friends.
  4. Boater420

    Boater420 Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2015
    Clearwater, FL
    '97 330 Sundancer
    Westerbeke 4.5BCG
    Twin Merc 454's
    This was just an off year Woody, next year will bring better weather. Pretty soon the grand kids will be inviting their friends out for the weekend and you'll be back at the helm.
  5. tdschafer

    tdschafer Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2009
    Long island , NY
    1997 330 sundancer
    twin 454's, Carb, V-Drives
    I am with you. This year the boat truly became more work than pleasure. Work & sports schedules did not cooperate. Our favorite Fire Island destination was shut down by the Fed's & the never ending crappy weather also combined to make this one of the worst boating seasons that I can remember. I am hoping things turn around & get back on track next year or this vessel may be on the market as well!
  6. CliffA

    CliffA Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Dec 29, 2009
    Lake Norman, NC
    2001 Sea Ray 340DA
    Name: 'Happy Place'
    4.5kW West. Generator
    Purchased Nov. 2014
    Fresh Water Use
    Twin Merc. 6.2L (MPI)
    Raw Water Cooled
    V-Drive Transmissions
    heck, i bet there are a lot of parents up there that would be glad to lend their kids to you for an afternoon of boating.....:D.......

  7. Irie308

    Irie308 Active Member SILVER Sponsor

    May 28, 2013
    2004 Sedan Bridge, GHS Hydraulic Lift
    Highfield 290 RIB with 8 hp Tohatsu
    Cummins 450C 8.3 L Turbocharged
    Hehe.. this guy would :)! This has been our best season to date. Though the engines didn't log many hours we had some quality time spent aboard and the hours on the genny reflects that. Not looking forward to putting her to bed in a few weeks.
  8. rondds

    rondds Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Oct 3, 2006
    Jersey Shore
    2001 380DA
    Merc 8.1s (2008)...Hurth ZF 63 V-drives...WB 7.0 BCGD (2013), Garmin 8208 & 740 MFDs, GMR 24xHD dome
    Woody, sorry to hear of your dilemma, but it's always the same evolution. As the teen years set in these kids develop their own schedules and social agendas. Give them the keys to the car and it's pretty much over. It happened with me when I turned 16 - despite having grown up on boats since 6 months of age, I had at that point all but abandoned the boat.

    My daughter is now 20 and in college. Luckily for us, we have friends at the marina with kids, all the same age, that my daughter hsa grown up with since she the age of 5. So it's still fun to have everyone together. They may come and go at various points during the weekend, and they may hop in a car and head off together somewhere, but, for now, they're all still around.
  9. NorCal Boater

    NorCal Boater Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jan 24, 2008
    Covington, LA
    Cobalt CM23
    GM SB 383" Stroker" Alpha Gen I
    Woody, don't get rid of the boat for the reasons you stated. I promise it will come full circle. My 3 kids, now 47, 43 and 27 were all boating from 3 years old. Then came the teen years, college, starting families and careers, and the last thing they wanted was to spend time with parents.

    Now when they come to visit the first thing they want to know is if we are taking the boat out. My son even bought his own. Hang in there, don't give up on that list.

  10. Carpediem44DB

    Carpediem44DB Active Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Sanfransico Bay area
    2006 44 DB Sedan Bridge Raymarine E120 radar chart plotter GPS autopilot
    cummins QSC 8.3 500 HD
    Reading posts like this really makes me feel blessed to live in a region with year round boating! It comes at the expense of living amongst the crazy libs but that's what the boat is for really to escape reality for the weekend!
  11. Woody

    Woody Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Nov 20, 2007
    N. Wisconsin/Lk Superior
    2005 420DA
    Cummins 6CTA8.3
    As far as the grandkids go...I always insisted they learn to swim if they were going to come on the boat. Lessons started while in diapers. Four years ago they joined the local swim club, they have some natural ability and from the start were a couple of the best swimmers.

    They got into it, it's training and meets during the summer that occupy their time and keep them from coming along. They've even done some open water swims. Next summer the oldest girl(14) is doing an open water swim called Point to LaPointe on Lake Superior. She wants me to pick her up at the end 'cause it'd be 'way cool':cool:. I don't think picking her up in a duck boat is what she's thinking so I better keep the 420DA at least one more summer.

    Of course the younger girl(11) has to do whatever her sister does, so in a couple years she'll want to make that same swim and I'll have to pick her up too. I guess I got myself talked into at least 3 more years:rolleyes:, problem temporarily solved....can't wait until next summer.:D
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  12. MonacoMike

    MonacoMike Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Sep 15, 2009
    Indiana lakes and Lake Michigan
    2000 Cruisers 3870
    97 270 Sundancer
    85 Sea Ray Monaco 197
    8.2 Mercs,
    7.4 BII
    260hp Alpha 1
    Sorry to hear how your season went. We had somewhat sucky weather this year on our side of the lake as well. It was either rainy and flat or beautiful and rough so it seemed. Water temps for fishing were warm even at depth and fishing has been awful. August was more like a typical September with 70's highs and 50's lows. However we had a great year.

    One thing I might point out is you may have been so family focused that now that they are gone you lack a network to have fun boating with even in less than desirable weather. Many folks now without kids or grandkids around all the time are having to build a new network of friends that are at a similar point in life. They are out there if you look for them. Is there a yacht club you could join, people on the dock you have not really gotten to know because you were so busy with your family in the past?

    For us the texts and posts with our boating friends about the fun we will have this coming weekend are already flying. A group like that can really put the fun back into boating.

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  13. NorCal Boater

    NorCal Boater Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jan 24, 2008
    Covington, LA
    Cobalt CM23
    GM SB 383" Stroker" Alpha Gen I
  14. oceanpearl

    oceanpearl Member

    Aug 20, 2008
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    400DB Searay 2001
    240 Searay Sundeck 2008
    454 7.4 MPI Horozons
    5.7 Mercruiser 300MPI
    Looking forward to hauling out up here. Terrible wet weather in our area from April to end August.
    Summer started Sept 15 but the days are shorter and autumn weather is not far off.
    Actually on a scale of 10: Pump outs leading engine hours 7-3.
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  15. JimT

    JimT Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Jul 7, 2009
    Charlotte, NC- LKN
    2010 330 Sundancer
    T-350mags w/BIIIs & Axius, 5.0 kw Kohler
    Sorry to hear about the crappy weather up north. We are in the mid-80s here with plenty of sun. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to get out on the water.
  16. Bugsy22

    Bugsy22 Member

    Jun 2, 2016
    1000 islands region New York
    00' 310 Dancer w/ 5.7 EFIs and Bravo 3s. Recently purchased after having a 90' 270 Dancer for sever
    5.7 EFIs w/ Bravo 3s
    Near Record temps here the last 2 weeks! Bummer is I go back on the wheel at work starting Sunday. Oh well, we made the best of a mediocre summer. Record high water, rain and less than great temps. Gonna finish prepping Sweetspot for haulout/storage the next 2 days and begin the long wait till spring!
  17. Wet Dogggg

    Wet Dogggg Member

    Jul 17, 2013
    Rockford, Michigan
    2000 410 Express - SOLD
    3126 CATs
    Well I figured you all would have a record sun and heat summer since we sold the 410 in the spring...sorry I could not help.

    Woody - we sold our 410 because our kids are so involved in stuff. Baseball and soccer mostly. Bought a wake boat and have had a blast the past few weeks on it. Can't sleep on it but a lot lighter on the pocket book and more fun.
  18. Timeflys

    Timeflys Member

    Dec 7, 2013
    Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada
    "Frequent Flyer"
    2002 Sundancer 360
    Merc Horizon 8.1s
    Last two weeks in the Thousand Islands have been the best two weeks of the season...lots of sun warm temps, no wind..the water temp has even climbed back to the low 70's ...did the Rideau 10 days traffic, no bugs.. worth the wait!
  19. OllieC

    OllieC Active Member

    Mar 11, 2013
    2005 Weekender 215
    Mercruiser 5.0 mpi, Bravo III
    I was up at the Apostles (Cornucopia) the week of July 4th, 1st week in August, and a long Labor Day weekend. Out of those 17 days or so, we probably boated 7. Too windy, to cold, or raining. I basically paid for a slip to look at my boat. Not a great year up there. I still love it though.

    Hang in there Woody. It's nice to know of a fellow Club SR Boater in the area.
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  20. Gofirstclass

    Gofirstclass Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2010
    Tri Cities, WA
    1995 550 Sedan Bridge,
    2010 Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport,
    1981 Boston Whaler 130 Sport,
    CAT 3406C's, 580hp.
    We've had what could be described as a quirky summer. It was cool, windy and rainy in the spring and into early summer, then overnight it seemed to go to temps over 100*, then back to chilly. That was accompanied by lots of smoke from the forest fires in the PNW. For days we couldn't see the other side of the river, and that's only 1/2 mile way.

    Now it's in the low 80's with almost no wind, but that's supposed to end before the weekend.

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