Missing Boaters/Hunters

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    As most of us along the east coast know, we had one hell of a NorEaster blow up the coast. It really started to amp up on Wens evening. I spent the night on my boat and watched two guys put their 16' johnboat with camouflage in, thinking to myself why would anyone want to go out in the cold. They had to follow a path that was cut in the ice. About 8pm I was heckling my lines before the storm got to full blow and I could hear the ferry boats blowing warning horns but didn't really think much about it. By 9 it was blizzard conditions and just a whiteout. I was up at 5am to clear my truck and the dock of snow then went on to work clearing snow. Later I found out that the two boaters were missing, yesterday they found the boat. The two duck hunters are missing. WAVY10 has the report.

    I wish I had said something to them maybe it would have made them second guess their actions. I'd love to thank all those that went out in those conditions to look for these two and pray for those families left behind.
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