Mid '80s 270 Sundancers?

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  1. Buckeyebirdawg

    Buckeyebirdawg New Member

    Mar 2, 2014
    Upper Sandusky, OH

    As the forum suggests, I'm new to Club Sea Ray and hopefully new to a used Sundancer soon. I have been boat shopping for about a month now and have narrowed my search to Sundancers, as they seem to be the best fit for my lovely bride and me (cruising, entertaining & fishing). We will be celebrating our 30th this spring and have decided to get a boat in lieu of the original plan for a whiskey tour of the British Isles. My operating experience has been confined to sailboats, 24' - 46' w/ single & twin screws in the Gt. Lakes & BVI, so a fair amount of water time but none as an owner. From a price standpoint I have narrowed my search to about 6 boats in the '84 - '88 range. My preference is for twin screws and the ones I'm looking at run the gamut from 2 x 3.7's, 2 x 4.3's & 2 x 5.0s, though there are several single 7.4's out there. Hours run the gamut as well.

    My question(s) for those with older model Sundancer experience are too many to list. But primarily I'm wondering about fiberglass & stringer durability from those model years. I understand that relates to how the boat has been operated / cared for but looking for general impressions. I read that Brunswick bought the company in '87, any concerns with the later '80s models? Also, how many hrs. should one expect from those Merc's from that era? Again, that relates to how they were cared for but looking for general impressions on this as well. At the top of my current list is an '84 270SD w/ twin 5.0 MPI Alpha's w/ only 250 hrs. on them. It has most of the options I'm looking for except AC & heat and seems well powered. Of course, it's also the most expensive (asking$16 K). Should I be concerned that a single 7.4 is too small (330 hp) for a 270? I also understand the advantages / disadvantages of twin screws (maneuverability, redundancy, maint. costs, etc...). Our boating will be on Lake Erie and I plan to have a purchase contingent upon a marine survey. Any input from you experienced power cruisers would be greatly appreciated!
  2. cigarhog

    cigarhog New Member

    Mar 14, 2014
    Marietta, Ga
    Hi All:

    This is my first time here. I am looking at a 268 DA Sundancer 1984. I have the same questions as Buckeybirdog. The engine and outdrive have supposedly been rebuilt in the last yr. Are there any inherent problems that I should be looking for in this year of boat.


  3. Parker

    Parker New Member

    Jun 4, 2013
    1983 270 Sundancer SRV
    454 Mercruiser
    Hi Guys,
    I have a 1983 270 DA with a single 7.4ltr. I've had her for 3 years and been good to me so far...apart from a tranny rebuild this winter. My hour meter doesn't work so not sure how many hours are on her. I like the single screw but do understand the benefits of twin. The hull is thick and has handled some narly west coast weather. Good luck in your search!
  4. speakrdude

    speakrdude Active Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Northwest Arkansas
    2002 Sea Ray 340 DA
    Raymarine C80 Tri Data
    twin 6.2 MX MPI
    Congrats! We just celebrated our 30th this year!
    I have an 88 300 Sundancer for sale if you interested.
    Message me!
  5. cigarhog

    cigarhog New Member

    Mar 14, 2014
    Marietta, Ga
    I can tell you for certain that a certified marine surveyor is well worth the money. This past sunday I was about to a 25 Sorrento and the the surveyor found delamination in the cabin top and rotted engine stringers in addition to a bottom that was loaded with blisters therebye allowing the hull to absorb a huge amount of water. The previous month I had the same surveyor on a Regal and the mechanic he brought found the engine to be cracked from improper winterizing. The engine ran fine so I would not have known about it.

    Good Luck
  6. M3Eater

    M3Eater New Member

    Jul 1, 2014
    Currently looking at mid/late '90s 250 & 270 'Dancers ... and others.

    Past, many runabouts, cuddys
    Greetings. First post/reply
    In lieu of creating a new post with the same title:

    As the OP posted, I am also considering a mid '80s 270 Sundancer. We have been used to 28-ish foot Express cruisers form the 2000s, that we trailer (8'6"). Sold the last one two seasons ago (get rid of the loan). The water is now calling, rather persistently.

    We're looking at getting into a full project boat and the mid-'80s 270s seem to fit our needs. I have two that I am planning on looking at this weekend. These are full restore projects and I have restored smaller boats in the past. The plan would be to plop it next to the garage and work on it as time permits ... plan for next season.

    These boats are in the south of Boston area and would have been salt boats.

    1) 83 with single big block - been out of the water for 3-years. Had been kept on a canal 'in the back yard' of the owner (salt). Was pulled out for a riser and then sat until the current owner took it on ... and has done nothing further. He just needs it out of the driveway ... free, but for the cost of transport ($550 is the quote). Had a couple exterior photos, but the Craigslist ad has expired.

    2) As of yet, unknown year. here's the CL listing - Nice boat... Twin running mercruiser 170, everything works I just don't have time to finish my project, many new parts on outdrive, almost ready for water just need trailer and few tlc. Just need out of my yard...call for more detail any time. Asking $500 (plus transport cost). Shows photo of one side, in the yard, junk piled around it.

    Does anyone have any good input on getting into one of these. Any critical issues with these hulls or systems? ..... or just general helpful input?

  7. JimFromMD

    JimFromMD Active Member

    Aug 9, 2010
    Annapolis, MD - Middle Chesapeake Bay
    2005 300DA, Garmin 740s w/Vision Charts and GMR18HD RADAR
    5.0MPI w/BIIs, Kohler 5E Generator.
    My dad has a 87 270DA with twin 4.3L engines (full crate replacement engines) and Alpha 1 drives. Great boat and great handling. At the office now, so cant spend too much time posting, but if you have specific questions I can answer after work. Happy to discuss by phone too if you PM me your number.
  8. KC_Sundancer

    KC_Sundancer New Member

    Sep 8, 2009
    Munising, Michigan (Lake Superior) Pictured Rocks
    1985 270DA Sundancer,Simrad 4G Radar,Lowrance Gen2 GPS/Sonar/Structure Scan,F350 7.3l Diesel, tri-ax
    twin Mercruiser 185R's (v6's) w/SE106 drives, "High Five" stainless props, Mercury 280 RIB w/9.9 Mer
    We have been running our 1985 270DA for 6 years now.
    She is running a pair of 3.8 V6's (185 h.p.) and have been happy with it's performance, even in very rough seas.
    Survey is the key to knowing what you may be getting into, any boat of this age can have water/wood rot damage.

    If you have not already, visit this thread which may show some things to look for regarding mid 80's 270's:
  9. M3Eater

    M3Eater New Member

    Jul 1, 2014
    Currently looking at mid/late '90s 250 & 270 'Dancers ... and others.

    Past, many runabouts, cuddys
    Thanks for the link, I didn't find that in an initial search.

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