Maretron MPower and Digital switching with the IPG100

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    Originally I had setup a Yacht Devices NMEA 2000 Digitial Switch - YDCC-04 as written up on Panbo by Ben Stein, Ben is also the owner for the US Yacht Devices site and is quite helpful in a pinch. I went with this because it was affordable compared to CZone, which uses proprietary PGN's. The only issue I have with the YD switch is the wiring, they did not take the complete picture in to account and is quite the mess to wire. Once you make the cable harness up with the proper connectors it's fine, but a whole lot of work. But in trying to get the carling switches to work with lighting up the active circuit I fried the YDCC. Having followed Maretron's MPower product line, I was thinking of switching over to that anyway and now this is my chance since the YDCC is toast.

    So I picked up the MPower CLMD12 and two VMM6's without switch covers. The VMM6 takes standard carling conturea switch covers that can be ordered from Newwire marine and even have custom one's made up pretty inexpensivly. Although I haven't mounted the VMM6's yet, they look to be the same exact size of 6 contura switches, so that shouldn't be to bad.

    The CLMD12 has 12 output's at differant amperages 5-12 amps. Maretron now has pre-configured files for the CLMD12 and VMM6, so they will work pretty much out of the box. They need to be uploaded via N2K Analyzer as all Maretron devices need to be, some can be configuered through a display, but this cannot be done that way and needs an IPG100 or USB100. The IPG100 allow you to run N2K View software and have remote access to everything.

    The nice thing about Digital Switching is you can still have manual switches as well as operation through the MFD as well. And if you have the IPG100 you can control it from anywhere. One of the biggest reason's I didn't go with something other then a digital switching product is they are all proprietary and not NMEA2000 compatable in most cases.

    This works with the Garmin MFD(s) really well and is user configurable. Below are SS's of my 7608 and also the N2K View phone app powered from the IPG100. Both the Garmin and N2K View need to be be tweaked more but they do work.

    Screenshot_20220214-194010.png PXL_20220215_002013145~2.jpg
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