Lowrance model R-3400/3400 Computer SONAR

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Lowrance 3400
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    My R-3400 is very temperamental I.e., sometimes it will "come on" and display the proper depth and sometimes it will display zero depth for a long time and then display the proper depth. Has anyone out there experienced this problem before? Also, I have two different Installation and Operation Manuals (one for the R-3400 and one for the 3400). A "notice" was delivered with the SONAR stating the equipment is identical in operation (the 3400 replaced the R-3400 due to shortage from their supplier) but the manuals are a little different! The R-3400 manual states that I can request a Schematic Diagram and Parts List from Lowrance Electronics Inc., by sending $1.00 to their address at 12000 East Kelly Drive in Tulsa. Does anyone have this data?:smt100

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