Lost a great american hero last night

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by boatman37, Dec 21, 2020.

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    My great uncle passed away last night. He was 102 (I think). He was one of the few Pearl Harbor survivors still alive. He was a Staff Sgt in the Army and was coming down a hill in his Jeep with another soldier when the planes hit. They were thrown over a hill and he was injured by shrapnel and a severe back injury. His buddy had a very bad leg injury but my uncle tied a tourniquet on the guys leg and drug him back up the hill. He was in the hospital and at some point told them he wanted out because others needed that bed worse than him. He healed and stayed in the Army for another few years. He was still altogether there mentally and would tell the story about the 'Japs' and how the planes were so close they cold see the whites of their eyes. He has a big collection of medals in a case and has a brick in the Road to Victory Brick Program.

    RIP Uncle Joe!

    In the one family pic you can see my aunts and uncles. My uncle in the back with the long beard was in the Marines in Vietnam and my other uncle in the picture was in the Army at the end of Vietnam. He passed away last summer. My gradfather (uncle Joes brother) passed away in 1981. These pics were taken about 2 years ago right around uncle Joes 100th birthday

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    These guys are becoming rarer by the day. What a wonderful thing to have had such a guy in your midst. Sorry for your loss but sounds like Joe lived life right. They just don't seem to make too many like him these days.
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    We just lost my wife's grandfather last year. Born in '21. Fought in the Philippines. Was sharp as a tack right up to the evening when he passed away in his sleep. My wife has many fond memories of fishing, shooting, and flying down the back roads in Grandpa's El Camino. He sure left a hole in our lives when he checked out. At least he lived long enough to spend a couple of years with his great-great-grandson.
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    What an amazing American! My condolences and thank you for sharing.
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    Our condolences for your loss.
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    RIP Sgt. Gasper. Thanks for sharing.
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    May this hero rest in peace.
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    As the remaining members of the greatest generation leave us, I am concerned that the history books and the media will never adequately convey to future generations how great they were. All American's compassion, and also grit and willingness to sacrifice, is something becoming extinct in our time. Though our members of the military, both past and present, still represent the best of the best imo. Sounds like a life well lived.
    Sorry for your loss.
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    RIP to your Uncle- Sounds like a great guy!! I agree 100% with the above. My Dad also a WWII Veteran in the Marines - Passed a few years back.. But they do not make them like this generation. My Mom is 97 and still going strong!!
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