Las Vegas Shooting

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by Woody, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Woody

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    Nov 20, 2007
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    Woke up early, nothing to do so I was going to make a post bragging about my Grandkids. Oldest girls swim team has won every meet and 4/0 in Conference. My 12 year old grandson has been working hard for 4 years, rec'd his black belt on Saturday.

    Then I looked a the news, clips of fully automatic gunfire into the crowd.....I'm sitting here with a tear in my eye....with all that's going on I can't help but wonder.....WTF are they in for.
  2. OllieC

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    A real sad deal Woody.

    I have one and only child. Those thoughts run through my head constantly. Caring about my needs (so to speak) went out the door the minute she was born. Now it's all about her. I just hope I can leave her , and god willing, future family, with something to help insulate them.
  3. dwna1a

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    My wife and I are very fearful of what will come for our two girls.

    I pray for those injured and my deepest condolences to the families of those lost.

    Two years ago today I buried my father. I'd like to think he is there to welcome them. Help them out daddy while we that are left behind try to figure out the Why and How's
  4. Strecker25

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    I’m still in mandalay for a conference. My room was 15 stories below the shooter. I’ve decided to cut the week short and leave tonight because I have family at home that I want to get back to. Not a fun experience or anything I imagined I’d ever be a part of.
  5. CliffA

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    what terrific of those events like 911 that just leaves you speechless for a while.....

    but am I the only one that thinks something is just not right here based on what we know so far?.....this guy they claimed did the shooting had absolutely no ties with terror or had no strong political views and was wealthy and seemed happy with his life according to his there seems to be no motive for him doing this heinous act....I can't help but start thinking about him possibly being set up to take the fall for this simply because of his room location......hopefully the truth will come out soon....

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  6. keokie

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    Dec 27, 2006
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    I don't know. I'll wait for details. In the meantime, hoping and praying for the victims and survivors. Absolutely awful.

    B BARKER Member

    Apr 20, 2014
    You're not by yourself Cliff, I was thinking the same thing, something is really strange here on the front end, hopefully they will figure it out, but i'm like you it smells real funny ?? My thought was he was held hostage then shot and the real killer fled the scene ??
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  8. Noble Crain

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    Aug 7, 2017
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  9. NorCal Boater

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    My daughter (27) and her boyfriend attended this event last year but this year she is finishing school to be a Surgical Tech and just didn't have the money to go. They live in Southern Cal and it's only a 4 hour drive so they go to LV often.

    They had some 30-40 friends that did attend and miraculously only one suffered a minor shrapnel injury. It's the first time I was ever glad she was broke.
  10. Carpediem44DB

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    Aug 18, 2015
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    My wife and I never did have any kids and although there are many reasons for our decision one of the conversations I always had with myself was I am comfortable not bringing a child into this F'd up world. I sure am glad I'm not twenty something now!
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  11. Gofirstclass

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    From what I've heard I doubt he was set up and shot before the cops got there. Here's why.....

    -He had personally bought at least 3 of the guns found in the room. They were bought at local dealers' stores and registered, with the sales being approved by ATF.
    -He had an entire arsenal at home. No word yet on the types of firearms in the room or at his home.
    -Some of the firearms in the room were Class III firearms which you can legally own but each requires a thorough background check and payment of a $200 tax.
    -Some of the fully automatic firearms found in the room were mounted on tripods.
    -He had the room reserved for a lengthy period and had specified that particular room on that floor and had it from last Thursday until the time of the shooting.
    -He was able to buy the Class III weapons because he had ZERO criminal history beyond a parking ticket he had received within the prior 3 years.

    All of this suggests a well thought out, well planned way to go out in a blaze of glory.
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  12. PlayDate

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    Dec 25, 2006
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    I'm pretty sure a modern fully automatic weapon (Class III) requires an Federal Firearms License (FFL) to own. Basically you have to set yourself up as a gun business and interview with the BATF. Additionally, BATF can show up and inspect your business.

    Short Barreled Rifles, small shotguns, suppressors etc are Class II weapons and are approved via a 6 month process (sometimes longer) and $200 tax.

    Perhaps this guy had a FFL and could own these weapons. I'm sure the BATF knows by now. If he had a Class III FFL license.....the BATF will be answering a lot of questions.

    Alternatively, he could have modified a few of them with illegal receivers which allow the weapon to fire full auto. That approach is fraught with risk since shooting ranges are usually required to verify Class II or Class III paperwork for someone to fire one of these weapons.

    In any case, what he did was a senseless, evil thing. I just can't imagine what was broken in this guys mind that got him to commit this horrendous act.
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  13. Alegria

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Our youngest were born shortly after 9/11 and we too struggled with your same feelings! Having 3 children we still struggle today with the crazy things that are happening in the world today. It's a shame we have to reinforce with our kids what to do in these situations and how to stay alert to issues and people. The worst thing my folks had to warn me about was not talking to strangers.. There was a freaking kid's book about it that scared the living crap out of me when I was a kid. There was some elephant that drove around in a big car and the other animals were told to stay away... I have to google it and see if I can find out who the hell wrote it!! Found it... Irma Joyce.. The 1967 version, had a rhino and a whale in a pimped out car.. That's the part that freaked me out.. LOL..
  14. Alegria

    Alegria Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Lancaster,PA Boat: -Sue Creek, MD
    2000 410 DA
    3126 CAT
    I agree. Seems like his family does not know either given his brother's comments to the news. Such a tragic, selfish, and senseless event.
  15. Boater420

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    Mar 11, 2015
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    Except there's no motive.
    -He was a professional gambler so extended periods of time in a Vegas hotel isn't surprising.
    -Lots of people in America have an arsenal at home.
    -Just about any room on that floor or in that building had enough of a vantage point.

    Seems a little thin.
  16. PlayDate

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Washington DC
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    What surprises me is that there is no note, Facebook rant or other social media proclamation to go along with tragedy. A "well thought out plan" would have included something to "justify" (only to himself) his actions.

    In the absence of anything to give us some motive, we are left to believe that he went insane, bought an arsenal and decided to kill as many people that he could.....not what I call a plan.

    I have met clinically insane people and the consistent answer always has been their family and friends knew that the person was unstable or "something wasn't right with them". In this case, this guy seemed to be successful in business. What demons and voices he heard we may never know.

    I just feel terrible for the young lives lost and the hundreds that were wounded.
  17. Mittens

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    Mar 5, 2017
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    There is info on what was found. None where class 3.
    A class 3 does require a stamp, but does not require a FFL. Pree 1986 guns can be had with just the stamp. And silencers and short barrels are all legal for normal class 3 stamp.

    Bump stocks / slide fire stocks. You install on AR can be had for 150-200 bucks. Allows similar auto fire but less controll. We will see the ATF chage there rules on them as they where iffy anyway. But none found in room where full auto.

    Also there are many pics of him at protest, one of him protesting wearing the pink pussy beans.
  18. PlayDate

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    Dec 25, 2006
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    1994 370 Express Cruiser
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  19. PlayDate

    PlayDate Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Dec 25, 2006
    Washington DC
    1994 370 Express Cruiser
    454 Mercruisers
  20. dwna1a

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    Apr 23, 2012
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    There is one thing I'd like to add but before I do let me say this. We should not speculate on this one, like others here I believe there is something just not right here.

    As for the guns and the Class III for all we know his father left them to him in a will. His father had a very long rap sheet and disliked law enforcement. Guns like that fall through the cracks (willed guns)

    Owning a large amount of guns and ammo does not mean a thing. I know for a fact! When my father passed he left me over 20, then add in mine.

    All I'm saying here is let's wait for the facts and don't buy into everything you hear and see on these news reports. Two of the news groups are already in trouble for incorrect reporting. CBS has already fired one due to her FB posts.

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