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Discussion in 'Mid-States' started by serenitymd, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Apr 13, 2015
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    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip for early next fall (2016) to the Zion Escalante area. I've always wanted to go to Lake Powell. I was thinking maybe we could rent a boat for 2-3 days and see some of the sites by boat. All I find online for boat rentals are house boats. For just the two of us we don't need a house boat. Can you rent express cruisers on the lake? Are they practical? We have a 270 and it fits the two of us perfectly for our weekends on the Chesapeake Bay. Any suggestions?
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    I have friends that went there last October, I'll ask them and get back to you. Have you tried Boatbound?
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    Is the water level coming up with all the rain?
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    water level is up over 12 feet since i posted this

    we started with the 230, and still have it. the 270 is a great size for 2 to 4 peeps on powell.
    just got back from 2 weeks on the south end. weather wasn't to great but being on the lake was great.

    armark and antelope point both rent jet skies and run a-bouts on the south end. if you get one of these you would need to tent-camp on the lake. many do with camping beaches and coves findable.....

    armark also rents them out of bull frog. a house boat on either end will be pricy. day tripping out of page and staying in page at night would be the next best and cheaper. that is if you don't want to camp out on the beach.

    not sure but they might rent small pontoons as well. they do on flaming gorge.

    check out this sight for info. you might want to join waynes words sight on this web sight.

    tons of stuff about the big dams on the colorado and it tributaries there.

    south end would be closer for you but more traffic and peeps to deal with.


    the lake level is lower than it has been. some of the launch ramps are closed. the lake its self is so large, the level isn't a big deal. better than 80+ miles from dam to bull frog.

    with the lake at the current elevation, you can see things in the canyons you would never see other wise.

    boat gas was 4.14 at antelope point and 4.40 at dangling rope last week.

    good luck; garry
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    I don't think you'll find a cruiser unless something pops up on craigslist. I've spent a lot of time out there over the last 20 years dating back to 15 years old. The typical 20' rentals get really small quick out here. Look for something at least 24' and slow down for the tour boat wakes, they drop a big one. The lake is huge, you'll easily burn through a tank of gas per day if you're exploring, there's so much to see. It's a completely unique experience that is highly recommended. The lake itself is remote, in that if it isn't a marina on the water, you wont have any other services unless you get back on land and drive somewhere.

    There's a ton of beaches, soft, clean sand. October will start to get chilly, September is great. Water temps in August and September is awesome, you'll spend a ton of time in the water. Water levels fluctuate daily, right now the lake is rising 1' every 5-7 days. That will stop around July 1 and start going the other way where it drops 1' every week or so.

    July is monsoon season, an afternoon thunderstorm is common, I've been out there in 7'-8' whitecaps in an 18' boat as a strong storm rolled in, it sucked and another boat in our group sank as it pulled up on the beach. The wind kicks up and the waves start to build. Mornings are amazing.

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