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Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by GypsmJim, Jul 20, 2021.

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    This is my embarrassing story. I’m posting here just in case it helps someone else.

    I’ve been a boater for 67 years, and have owned my own boat for 53 years. I consider myself to be proactive and thus always prepare ahead. In my youth I did a stupid trick and lost power once. But the boat had oars, so with a little elbow grease I was back home. Shortly thereafter I installed a kicker and have had one ever since. In all these years I NEVER needed a tow.

    Until yesterday…..

    A beautiful day in the upper Niagara River….just above Niagara Falls. Without warning, the engine dies. No problem. The kicker was dropped in the water and minutes later I was in the shallows safely at anchor.

    Turned out the positive terminal came off the battery. In my defense the dealer installed the battery when the boat was new. My bad that I didn’t check it. The bad part was that apparently it touched another wire and tripped a circuit breaker. The breaker was not readily accessible.

    Insurance threads are common. Yesterday I became a believer in BoatUS and TowBoat. The Captain met us and we were on a side tow in less than 30 minutes. Along the way we had a nice discussion with him as we traversed the waters. He maneuvered us withing 6 inches of our dock. He charges $190 and hour and out tow was about 2 hours. In the end I had to sign his paperwork, but the tow was 100% covered due to our membership and insurance as well.

    A common question is about Owner’s Manuals, with the answer being there aren’t any. The SeaRay Owner’s Manual DOES exist, and with the wiring diagram located within it, once back home I was able to locate the breaker and now all is well again.

    I thought the wife would be perturbed with all this. But she kept saying “What an adventure!” throughout the ordeal. (I guess 50 years ago this Summer I picked the right Second Mate.)

    So, the moral of the story is always check your mechanic’s work, always keep the Owner’s Manual aboard, and always use BoatUS for your insurance.

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    Got it, hope i never need it. So you had a great day, not what you planned, but better than a good day at work.
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    Thanks for the story. Good advice in here!
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    Have had it for several years now. Nice to know it's there if I ever need it. And with that, last summer, we had an over heating issue where the heat exchanger was plugged up. Got hot enough to pop a hose off. That hose clamp must have been bad for a while, because it came off and the hose was fine. But, we called to get towed as we were down river and couldn't just float/ drift back to the dock. I wasn't very happy when the person on the other end just laughed and said "good luck" before they hung up. Called back and they said they didn't have anybody in the area and to try to flag someone down or call the river patrol to come get us.

    After checking, they will pay for someone else to tow when out in the Pacific or out on the Columbia River. But they have no tow boats in the oregon area.
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    Guy I bought my Ray from kept raving about how it was "Boat Mechanic" maintained. I took it to a Real Boat Mechanic in Maryland. Previous dumb ass put lifters on backwards, left countless tools in the bilge, wrong size belt on, and hack after hack after hack.

    The "boat mechanic" was probably some brain dead marina hand that convinced the previous lying idiot from New York that he was a "boat mechanic".

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