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Apr 23, 2012
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As a few of you know I had a emergency bypass surgery three weeks ago. I'm doing much better, I'm off the pain meds for the past week. I'm driving and I'm healing.

I am going to ask my doctor the same question but I want to ask the group as well.

When is it safe for me to take the boat out? I have a windless so there's no throwing or lifting anchors. A hardtop so no direct sun, and I know better than to go out and run her at 27mph. I'm just asking for some others opinions.
I had a double and it was almost 6 weeks to reasonable activity.Your no good dead
I had quad bypass and wasn't able drive for 4 wks, and I didn't do anything until I finished my rehab. I gave up my pain meds before they sent me home, like Bt said you no good dead you will have lots of time to boat later, do not rush it.

This to was a quad. They took veins from my leg for my heart. The only reason I can drive is due to my old Chevy has no airbags. I still can't drive my 07.
Haven't had one myself, but a close friend had a quadruple a couple of years ago and it was several months before he was in good enough shape to do anything strenuous. Honestly though, he wasn't in great physical shape before the surgery.
I did have surgery a few years back to remove a tumor in my stomach, and although I was 60 at the time, at 5'11" 180 and I've been doing regular vigorous exercise pretty much all my life, it was at least 2 months before I was back to being able to get back to exercise or do basic minimal manual labor even though I'm in otherwise decent shape.
You had some pretty serious surgery and any number of things can happen on your boat that could require you to do something strenuous so take your time and heal. If you really want to go on the boat just make sure you have someone able bodied and knowledgeable enough to take care of anything that may arise and you'll have many great seasons ahead of you.
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