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  1. I needed some advice. I have recently moved to Fl from NJ and i moved my fully established buisness here which in FL is not established and struggeling.. Bills are paid but things can be better. Now my grandmother keeps telling me to look into the USCG. My grandfather was in the navy and my other grandfather was in the army. I have allways loved the marines but its a little hardcore for me right now with a child and wife. For me right now the USCG looks about right for my needs..

    My questions are to anyone whom might know. What do you think about it? Im just scared they will take me in and not pay me enough to pay the bills and my wife will be stuck with the bills badly. And another thing im 6 ft and weigh 340 lbs so that might be an issue.

    But im asking my fellow boaters here for advice anyone know anything about this..

    And yes i already send an email to my local office just wanted to see if anyone has any input..

    Thanks Ahead. C rock
  2. jrcinnh

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    Oct 4, 2006
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  3. 14,000 a year.. my god.. who can afford anything on that.. lol
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    I was wondering that myself I was hoping that was monthly.
  5. well ima talk to the cost guard guy tomorrow if i have time.. i just need something to do to bring in more money.. they are giving me a freakin hard time with the licensing over here.. already 3000 bucks into it and still didnt take the test.. lol.. ill make another thread to explain if anyone wants to know.. (dont want to make a out of control thread) :thumbsup:
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    What is your business?
  7. laminate and wood flooring. been in buisness for 10 years. moved to florida and im kickin myself in the butt for it right now. i actualy did eddie murphys floors, rosie odonalds floors, dan rathers, and alot of big money makers in jersey.. over here its hectic.
  8. H2ONUT

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    Nov 26, 2006
    Shelton, CT
    2000 215EC
    5.0 EFI Mercruiser Alpha
    You should try to hook up with some home builders down there. Once you prove yourself to them, you should be set... How about an installer for Home Depot or Lowes?

    Back to the CG...

    I wanted to join out of high school. I was 1 signature away from going off to the academy. Nice, cause it was only 45 minutes up 95 from where I live in CT.

    Well, I was overtaken by the power of the female... never made it. Got divorced 3 years later with a 2 year old.

    Not going is the biggest regret in my life... I love the water and being around boats.

    I wanted to train for drug patrol out of Miami.
  9. yea well i just got done talking to my friend whos right now in the marines and he told me .. DO NOT SIGN NOTHING.. they will tell you that you will be set then while you stuck there and you wife cant afford to live on your wages life will get worse. thats what he told me.. and i was like darnit.. lol

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