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  1. We are planning to go down the ICW this year before it gets too cold. We have a 40' Sea Ray Sedan. Has anybody done this trip before? How long will it take from NYC? We have a full enclosure so the cold should be tolerable!!!
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    We take our boat down every year. It is a 56 Sedan Bridge. We cruise about the same speed although with our boat we have to slow down a lot more because of the wake. It will take you about 8 days give or take if you are not in a hurry. The first portion of the trip is in the ocean down to Cape May, then you can run up the DE bay, down the Ches bay, and once at the bottom of the bay you will be in the protected ICW for most of the rest of the trip. Some people will cruise out in the ocean from Beaufort, NC on down if the weather is nice, but you really don't need to. It may save you 2 days time, but there is nothing to look at on the way :?

    It is a great trip, and an easy one. By the Cruising Guide first, it has great tips and info.

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