How to access the hose from the Windshield washer nozzle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marc Rainaldo, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Marc Rainaldo

    Marc Rainaldo Active Member

    Apr 18, 2019
    Sea Ray 500 DA 1994
    Detroit diesel 6v92
    Hello all, since I have a leak somewhere I removed about everything on my deck for cleaning and reinstall with new sealant.
    Today I started with the 3 windshield washers. I assumed that when i removed the 2 screws I could remove the washer with the hose attached. Nothing like this, suddenly I had the washer in my hand but no hose, the hole was also to small for a hose. The Centre washer hose I could reach by removing the hatch under the windshield in cockpit. But how do I reach the BB and SB hose from the washers? As far I can see now i have to remove the complete skai on the ceiling????? I hope that ain’t true....

    the washers are connected to the watersystem. The valve I couldn’t locate either.

    I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. BB and SB washers are cleaned and reinstalled with sealant but hoses are not connected at the moment.

    thank for effort.
    Sea Ray 500DA 1994 (model 1995)
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    Oct 8, 2009
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    This won't be much assistance but my windshield washers on a 2001 510DA are inop as well. When I asked my repairman what might be the procedures to fix or retro fit he said the interior salon ceiling would have to come down for access. No way I'm doing that.
  3. Marc Rainaldo

    Marc Rainaldo Active Member

    Apr 18, 2019
    Sea Ray 500 DA 1994
    Detroit diesel 6v92
    I was a bit afraid of that. And do you know the location of the valve?
  4. Marc Rainaldo

    Marc Rainaldo Active Member

    Apr 18, 2019
    Sea Ray 500 DA 1994
    Detroit diesel 6v92
    Well for all those that don’t like lose ends and also because it’s very important that the windshield washers are sealed good (leaks from the nozzle can give moisture all the way to the masterbedroom), here is how I fixed it.

    F2D45E82-16A3-4C39-9541-A770B177E169.jpeg 9629B858-E043-4656-AE9A-77CCBA0DADE5.jpeg A96DAF7E-1B68-497E-819F-89878C54309D.jpeg

    The red marks are the location where the hoses go on the nozzle. The centre nozzle is the easiest and can be reached by the hatch in cockpit.

    The BB nozzle is just before the speaker. You don’t want to mess up everything so be careful. I took the speaker out and then you see a sound box. Removal of the sound box is a bit clumsy. There are 2 screws reachable and ofcourse 1 not. First remove all staples. Then a screw is found in the soundbox and one under the soundbox. Unfortunately there is another screw attached to the soundbox that you can’t reach. With a camera I located the screw and then I drilled a hole in the soundbox to unrelease the soundbox. The box is heavy to when you lay it on the side put something under it to stud because you don’t want to damage the interior seiling. When reinstalling the soundbox put it on exact the same place so you can put new staples and finish the job whit no esthetic errors. 8C853702-DFCC-4490-BFC0-661299B76F5F.jpeg D9185D05-DAE0-4847-B3B6-B61F19D6E893.jpeg

    With the SB nozzle first take out the lightrail. I was a bit lazy and let the power cable attached to the light rail. After that you can remove the screws and in cockpit you have to remove the wing nuts that can be found behind the 2 covers in the cockpit.

    Then remove the staples as shown in picture.
    i was a bit stressed at this point and forget to make photos (sorry for that). So I make some marks on the pictures and hope you all understand a bit what I gonna explain.
    I don’t know the exact word of the interior sealing but we call it skai. The skai is stapled in a slot in the wooden braces. Then there is a tendon (hope google translate that good) pushed and glowed in the slot that you can easily take out. It’s almost impossible to remove the staples so I didn’t do that. With a sharp knife I cut the skai on 1 side so that you can fold the skai away. The tendon i also removed from 1 side. (The side of the blue line in picture)
    After attaching the hose to the nozzle reinstall everything the same it was and no esthetic errors will be seen .

    I hope this is a bit helpful and good luck on the job.
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  5. Chris-380

    Chris-380 Active Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    Pontoon Beach IL
    380 Sundancer 2000
    454 Horizon w/V drives
    Wow, good job!
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