Help me identify and replace this part.

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    Jun 29, 2019
    1999, 240 Sundancer,
    Mercruiser 5.7L w/Alpha 1 drive.
    E41CCDF8-961E-42E2-9AE7-058C6D2DE215.jpeg Need help identifying this part with a name and number and how to remove/replace it. 99 Alpha 1 Gen 2 drive. Top is the water tube. This (supposed to be barbed) fitting is the top end of the gear oil line. The barbed end broke off in the hose while removing the gimbal. I assume it must press in or something because of the way the casting is shaped around it. It sure can’t spin in and out.

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    2005 Sundancer 260
    496 Magnum HO
    That's the connector for your drive lube hose. I had to replace mine (Bravo III), but I think the process to replace is the same on an Alpha. Drill the old one out. 1/2" bit, right in the center. The most difficult part was putting the E clip back on (inside the boat) when you install the new one. There is a video on JR Marine's web site showing how to replace the steering pin on a B3. In the (first, I think) video, he drills one out if you want to see how it's done.
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