Has Chevy Trucks Forsaken White Collar Men and Women?

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by Gofirstclass, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Henry, here's a photo that will make you even crankier. I took it this morning about 7:00 on the way to the gym. It was about 55* at that time on its way up to 78*. Now you have my permission to go have another adult beverage.

    I'm with you on what Chevy (or should it be CHEBBY?) has done with their ads. They spend millions on their marketing so they must know where they are selling certain kinds of vehicles.
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    Big January Gains for Chevrolet Crossovers and Trucks Drive GM Sales Increase


    • Chevrolet’s unique three-truck pickup strategy delivered a 17 percent increase in deliveries, with the Colorado up 25 percent and the Silverado up 15 percent. It was the best January ever for Silverado crew cabs.

    I think GM knows what they are doing.... Just saying.;)
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    A bit off topic, but many company products are promoted as durable, tough, high quality, etc. GM sells trucks that seem to have a very high percentage of burned out running lights. You see them everyday on the road. That screams poor quality to me. It is like a billboard for advertising crap. I'm amazed the company appears to have no interest in fixing this obvious problem. I stopped buying GM cars many years ago because the brake rotors warped and the cruise controls failed at about 20,000 miles. Both problems could have been easily prevented had there been interest in the issue. Not fixing these things undermines marketing efforts.
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    Burnt out DRL's in GM pickups was remedied back in 2007 with the GenII series.
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    Disconnected mine. What is the purpose of DRL's on something as large as a pickup truck ? Motorcycle/ yes

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