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    Jul 17, 2019
    2000 Sea Ray 270SDA. No tow...permanent dock, lowrance HD5
    Single 7.4 mercruiser and a bravo3
    Hey Y'all!! Where is the best place to source a full compliment of guages as a whole set vs separate parts for a 98 310DA? I look on sites like Flounder Pounder and there's a whole bunch of choices like magnetic and other stuff that must be above my pay grade. I want a guarantee everything will match. Thanks!
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    For ease of install, your best bet is to get the original gauges. Typically the senders and gauges are matched. You might be able to get away with a different look in the same manufactures line, but if you start mixing manufacturers, no telling what you'll get.

    With that said, changing out the senders isn't too bad of a job. I've done a few new senders as I've upgraded to a N2K networked gauge package. Everything working except my oil pressure reads 5-10 off. I have the new matched senders, but unable to easily get to them. That is a next off season project.
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