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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Third Edition, Apr 2, 2019.

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    We have 2 fridges and one freezer on board. We’re on the boat for an extended time and I had fun calibrating the settings with remote thermometers. What struck me was the impact of the stove and also how the fridge warmed after putting warm items. All expected, but fun to see it quantified.

    One sensor in the freezer, one in the fridge. Works great. Adjusted the freezer to 10 degrees F, and the cabin fridge to 35 F. Took about ½ day to get it stabilized.

    Using the electric stovetop above the fridge and freezer for ½ hour raised the fridge and freezer 14 degrees and 9 degrees, respectively.

    Next, put a sensor in the cockpit fridge and got it stabilized to 38. Putting three 73 degree 16 oz glass bottles in it raised the temperature to 42, and it took about 45 minutes to get back to normal.
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    This is listed in my signature
    Just opening the doors to coolers raises the temps too.
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    Nice write up.

    Interesting to see the results. Just as putting in warm stuff raises the fridge temp, keeping it stocked will be a benefit because all that “cold stuff” will help combat the temperate rise when warm items are placed in there.

    BTW, I was a little scared of the thread title.

    (I grew up In the 70’s. Thermometers were no fun)
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    another interesting use of thermometers...........we recently purchased a 215 cuddy.......took out on sea trial before purchase........test went good, but when we brought the boat home, we realized that the weather was going back down into the 20's at night for several days........not wanting to winterize for just a couple of days, my boat guy suggested trouble lights down in engine compartment (rest of water system, including lines were empty)......put two lights down in engine compartment, to keep the temp in that area above freezing...........since i wanted to monitor the temp around the engine, i took our hvac outdoor temp sensor and placed it on engine (had the outdoor sensor installed when we replaced two hvac in house last fall).....that sensor monitored the temp in the compartment, and sent the results via wifi to our interior thermostats.............i could look at the thermostats and see exactly what the temp in the engine bay was...........worked great as long as the boat is within the range of your, weather has warmed up and it is time to get the boat ready for use.............
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