Fuel pump turning on independently

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    Jul 27, 2013
    Rhode Island
    2001 Sea Ray Sundancer 380
    Mercruiser horizon 8.1S
    Hi everyone, my starboard 8.1s horizon engine has been acting strange on my 01 380DA. I'll turn on the batteries and a few minutes later I'll hear the systems monitor beep, with a message about a starboard engine issue. At the same time, the starboard engine fuel pump will activate for 2-3 seconds, like it always does just before starting the engine. This happens with just the batteries on. I do not touch the ignition buttons or turn on the keys, or turn on the ignition breakers. Maybe a couple of minutes later i'll hear the systems monitor beep again and will hear the fuel pump go again. It may do it again in another few minutes, maybe hours later. I can't pinpoint a pattern. I tried swapping relays with the port engine, and that didn't change anything. Also a couple of times I started the engines (breakers on, keys turned, etc) and once running it would not shut off, even after turning the keys off and the ignition switches. As if the engine was completely independent from all the controls. I did have a loose clamp in one of the water hoses and there is some rust on that engine by the manifolds from the spray , so wondering if that salt water or the rust could be a factor. Maybe I need a new wiring harness? Any thoughts? Thanks

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