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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CV-23, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Buy a scooter and a smaller boat. :smt001
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    I wish it was that simple! But it is not. I have been voting since McGovern. But one thing that has been constant, all politicians speak with fork tongue!
  3. Woody

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    It’s interesting that so many think the US exporting petroleum is something new. We’ve always done that, even during the tight years of the 70’s. Would it make anyone feel better to know that the two countries we import the most from, Canada and Mexico, are also the two largest recipients of our petroleum exports…China actually gets very little.

    Some are of the opinion the Keystone pipeline is the solution to our pump price woes but I assure you the Canadians will not be turning that spigot on/off just for us. Did you guys notice where that pipeline terminates? Yup, the Gulf of Mexico. What markets might be available to oil piped to the vicinity of a bunch of oil refineries and the Gulf shore? That pesky Global Economy/World Market thing rears it’s head again and there should be no question on what will dictate price.

    Oil/energy dependence/independence isn’t just about price, it’s about the nations security, knowing we can get sufficient supply. Look at our activity in the middle east since the 70’s, remember the Carter Doctrine? Wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to deal with reliable, stable, friendly sources. The Keystone pipeline will certainly help but it is a comparatively small volume increase. I think we have to face reality, the developing economies of the world are going to be sucking up a lot of oil. We will pull out of our current slump and our demand will increase along with that of other markets. There will probably be some fluctuation but the price is going up folks.
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    eyes thinks u right, Woodman......if it was only a question of refining, why not build, (livable wage jobs)... refineries in North Dakota, (as others have asked)...... the priority, is obviously, to get product to the Gulf, so what is that about, if not the most efficient means toward export :huh:....pipeline, "right out of here"....:wow: ...it appears....
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    Des Moines Marina diesel at $3.50 per gallon including taxes.... It's dropped .56 cents per gallon in the last month
  6. Bob & Sue

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    Foss Marina Tacoma diesel $3.58, unleaded ethanol free valvtect gas $3.80 leaving for there in an hour or so first nice day in a week.
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    Its an election year.. of course gas prices are going to drop, the Oil Powers that Be want them to now.

    Republicans generally allow for more in US drilling, and useage... oil companies would rather a higher oil price as they are still raking in record profits while we pay record prices.

    What better way to 'help' a Dem prez to be re-elected than to have prices drop when they typically raise during the summer months. I'm just waiting on the Prez to claim this was somehow related to his grand scheme and claim an 'atta boy.'
  8. The Bill Collector

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    good price on gas, but diesel they add sales tax of 9.8% on top of the $3.58 per gallon price... Des Moines is including tax in their price.
  9. comsnark

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    So you are saying big oil is in Cahoots with the Democrats? That this industry (and presumably the Auto industry?) feels the Demcratic party represents its interests better than the Republicans?
  10. chandalen

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    Aug 7, 2011
    Alexandra Bay,NY
    '83 Sundancer 270, Humminbird 593c
    Twin merc 305, with new SEI 106 drives
    Not at all. Its about the money. Higher oil prices mean higher gas prices. Traditionally a Rep in office will allow the US to tap more of its own oil, or even the Fed reserve oil (Bush 2006) to combat the rising prices. Why? With the Bush's they have a stake in Texas oil. Allowing the US to tap more of its own oil increases their own pockets.

    Dem's (usually) shy away from allowing the US to drill more, thus keeping oil prices at a nice level for the oil companies, who make more money. (insert record ever profits here) Has Mr Obama done ANYTHING to assist or even really comment on high oil prices, other than blame Americans for their poor choices in auto purchasing?
  11. Big Island Lifer

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    All I know is non ethanol gas at my nearest marina is $5.25 a gallon.

    I understand that there is a supply and demand for the product and I generally don't like the government interfering with free enterprise but this hurts a little. I don't want the government regulating oil prices any more than I want them interfering with airline pricing, phone pricing, or what I pay for groceries. Subsidies and mandates (such as the use of ethanol in our fuel supply) only extend the governments control over the free market. I would rather see the markets correct themselves.

    There aren't many privately held companies anymore. Most of the energy companies are publically traded. If you are a shareholder do you want the government to force you to sell you product at a lower price?

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