Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Ididntdoit, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Thinking of running the boat over the week of 4/18 to spare my family the crossing this summer - The boat's ready - mechanically gone over, new electronics, paper charts, PLB - my problem is that I am unwilling to go solo - a buddy boat would be fine, but someone to come as "crew" would be even better - Let me know if your interested - not a trip I "must" make, so if the conditions aren't great, i'm not going!
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    I don't visit this forum often but just saw this post. Had to add an editorial comment- I've checked into the West End many times but I've never stayed there. We felt like going somewhere this past weekend so we decided to stay at Old Bahama Bay at the West End on Grand Bahama. A few thoughts on the trip from FTL to West End:
    1. Even though it's only 20-25 miles farther than Bimini it's just a more challenging trip cutting diagonally across the stream. The forecast for this weekend was for 2-3's and it rapidly turned into 4-5's with some 6's rolling through. Decent sized following seas coming back. The point being, pay extra attention to the wind forecast more than the wave forecast for this route. We were at the dock monday morning and it was a steady 20kts ENE and I knew it would be rough, it was. Even through the forecast was for 2-3's it would have been VERY uncomfortable in a 30' boat. I have a 32' Whaler and wouldn't have done it in that boat.
    2. For the round trip I think we only saw two pleasure boats and 4 freighters. A similar trip to Bimini would have had 10-20 pleasure boats. Very few boats in the marina from FTL. Almost all are Palm Beach and North. If you're not with someone from FT Lauderdale you will not see many boats. It's only April so maybe more traffic in the summer but even then I don't see many boats on the crossing.
    3. Old Bahama Bay is worth it. So much cleaner and more mellow than Bimini. I really enjoyed the place. Lots of Manatees hanging out. They love it when you give them fresh water.
    At any rate, nothing here that isn't known, just underscoring that it's more of a trip than Bimini.
    Travel safe and have fun.

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