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Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Skippy, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Dancin Dave

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    Oct 9, 2006
    Rowayton, Ct
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    How are the temps and humidity June through September down there?

    Skippy there are so many great spots, I'm looking as you know but cant zero in on a location. I just got back fro the Keys and I love it there. But I also love the bussle of the city.
  2. Skippy

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    Aug 13, 2008
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    The Keys are so appealing for so many reasons, but I decided on Fort lauderdale as a great compromise on the all around package - lots of buzz around Las Olas and The Isles, nice beach, convenient for Miami if I want to party but far enough away that I don't have it in my face...and Key West for the weekend by car if I feel like it...:smt038

    It's great boating town too but the slam dunk was the ease of getting there from the NY area - well served by several major airlines to several local airports - I'm still at least 10 yrs away from retirement so I need to be able to get there quickly if I need to...
  3. Skippy

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    Aug 13, 2008
    280 DA
    T - 4.3 Alphas
    Folks - see above...I'm really close on a house in FLL...pretty much agreed on price but I need two things finalized...

    1. A local property management company that doesn't charge an arm and a leg (I live in CT) - I plan to offer the property as a short dated rental for when I'm not using it...
    2. A boat transportation company that will bring Ladybugs from CT to FL at a reasonable price...

    You guys have been wonderful so far in guiding me and offering advice...let's get this one over the line!


    Thanks Guys - J
  4. Boulder GT3

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    Jan 28, 2008
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    Congrats. You'll love the convenience of FLL.

    Be really careful on the transport company. I was at a yard last week and saw a boat being pulled off a trailer from the NE. It hadn't been wrapped an prepped correctly. It was going to cost the owner at least $1000 to clean up diesel smoke and mess from the road.
  5. Nacho Boat

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    Advice on #2 - When I bought a boat in Virginia, I found my shipper through a website call USHIP ( Very nice service - basically, it's a reverse e-bay style where shippers bid for your business. You post what you want to ship, how you want it shipped and when, and then shipper's place bids to ship your boat. You can ask questions of the shippers and communicate (through the website).

    It saved me a lot of time and money to use this service. I got personalized service and someone that brought my boat directly to my front door. Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  6. waterlogged

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    Oct 3, 2006
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  7. bushway9172

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    Apr 11, 2009
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    Hopefully some Ft. Lauderdale locals are still subscribed to this thread...
    Going to be in the area around Thanksgiving and looking for a place to rent a boat for the day. Not having such good luck online, except for a place at Bahia Mar Yacht Center called the "Best Boat Club" with boats up to 26 feet. I'm wondering if there are any other reasonable places? Any places with Sea Rays (or any other make, for that matter) in the 24 - 29 foot range?

    Must be in Fort Lauderdale, preferably near Harbor Beach/Bahia Mar.


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