For Sale: Westerbeke Diodes

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    Ladies/Gents -

    I have a brand new set of diodes for a 7.0kW Westerbeke still in the sealed package. I bought these for a boat I was scheduled to purchase and the survey fell through.

    These are typically one of the components that fail when you have a low voltage or no voltage condition.

    Westerbeke Part #035971

    According to Westerbeke they fit models -

    • 4.0BCG 4.5BCG 4.5BCGB 6.5BCG 7.0BCG
    • 7.0BCGA 7.0BCGB 4.0BCD 4.4BCD 5.0BCDA
    • 5.0BCDB 6.0BCD

    Westerbeke cost - $128+ plus shipping depending on site.

    Yours for $100 plus $7 USPS shipping.

    Feel free to respond here or PM. Paypal available at

    For those that know me from this site, I'm reputable and in good standing!



    1222171012_HDR.jpg 1222171013_HDR.jpg 1222171013a_HDR.jpg
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    in between
    4 would make one heck of a battery isolator

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