First time in a floating slip

Discussion in 'Sport Cruisers' started by FiremistSLK, May 27, 2018.

  1. FiremistSLK

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    Feb 18, 2012
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    I rented my first floating slip for my 240DA. What is the best way to tie up to a floating dock? The slip has one finger pier (port) that extends out about 20 feet and is secured to a piling there. Then there's one piling (starboard) across from the port piling at the end of the port side finger pier, but no finger pier starboard. And of course the main dock aft. Is it necessary to cross the aft lines in a floating dock? What is the best way to tie the fore deck cleats to the pilings? Do these forward lines need to be crossed? Can my springer line be secured to the finger pier? Thanks......
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  2. FootballFan

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    Since the dock and boat move together, much simpler to tie.

    Crosses not required. Useful in some situations.
  3. Gofirstclass

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    We're also in a floating slip and I have my dock lines set to the boat floats in the center of the slip, never touching the finger docks that run along both sides. I have the lines set to it's easy to step onto the swim platform from the dock.

    If you can arrange your dock lines so they keep your boat from touching anything your gelcoat and wax job will appreciate you.
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    Like GFC my dock lines are set to the dock. The boat is centered up in the slip so nothing touches. I do cross tie my bow lines and have two spring lines to keep me from hitting my swim platform while backing in. I do have two stern lines that are already set that can be cross tied during hurricane / bad NorEasters
  5. boatman37

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    Jun 6, 2015
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    Your slip sounds similar to mine. Finger pier along starboard and the main dock behind me. I have one coming off rear port back to the dock (can probably see it in my sig pic) and I have one on the front bow cleat starboard going forward to the cleat on the end of the finger. I use this one to set my distance between the swim platform and main dock (keep swim platform at least 6" away from main dock). Also have one that goes straight down from the rear starboard cleat to the dock cleat directly below it. Then another from the mid starboard cleat going back to the dock cleat a few feet back. Probably a better way to do it but has worked for me so far. I don't like crossing lines at the rear. Too much of a trip hazard for those getting on and off the boat. I have no lines anywhere over my swim platform like this. We get a little current and some wind but our whole river is no wake out to the main river 1/4 mile away so we don't get much movement at the dock.

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