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    Aug 24, 2019
    Hey guys I've been looking around for a little bit, ideally would be small enough to trailer (twice a year) for maintenance and storage for the winter etc. I came across a 92 290 last year and it had sold already, fast forward a year and I find it for sale again. Single merc 454 with 185 hrs +-. Looks clean for a 27 year old boat. My father always had Sea Rays so I'm trying to stick to a boat that hads "reasonable" resale value and parts readily available. One thing I am a little concerned about potential rot in the transom and stringers after reading pascoe's reviews... I'm not looking for an offshore vessel to go 80 miles fishing with. Just looking to have fun around Narragansett Bay and maybe take a trip or two to block island. This particular boat seems to have been updated a little bit, newer faucet, vinyl flooring, little things of the sort, but it also has a sideshift bow thruster. And I'm honestly not quite sure how I feel about it. If it was installed correctly great. But I'm leery of a shoddy installation considering it requires holes being put in the hull. The boat itself is cheap, and he's interested in my bike with a little cash on top. Or $7900 cash. He mentioned his new boat arrived and needs to get rid of this to avoid slipping two boats. You guys think this is a little too old? A decent starter boat? Do you guys think a $7900 boat is worth a surveyor etc? Thanks in advance.

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