Fire at marina in DC

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    in between
    My guess is some type of electric heater un-attended ,battery charger burnout, battery short and explosion,
    Might have been cheaper to be put on the hard and winterized
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    Wow. That sucks.
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    IMG_3969.JPG Photo from the recovery op attached. This boat and what may have been a Sea Ray 350 burned up.

    At least two other boats sank in unrelated incidents this past week prompting the Marina to send out the below notice:

    "If your boat was left in the marina over the winter it is essential that you come and check on your boat. We have been scrambling to keep no more than a dozen boats afloat. What we are finding is that the seacocks/thru hull valves have not been closed or winterized. With the extended cold we have had these valves and water filters freeze up and crack, then the warm up last week caused them to thaw and start spewing water into the bilges. We have had two boats sink from this problem and are working on keeping numerous other boats afloat. Our resources to do this are stretched to the limit and we need your help to control this situation. Please come check on your boat."

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