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Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by rondds, Jun 22, 2007.

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    anyone notice what "blast from the past" played patrick parisi's mother (patsy's wife) on the final episode? my wife and i were both commenting on how familiar she looked.
  2. Well since we are on the topic of sporanos.. I think that the trucker dude, the dude who walked in before tonys son, and the 3 black dudes were all hired to hit the whole family in a slaughter type way.. Funny im from nj born and raised and i know where every place is in the show! Even tonys house its like 5 mins from my old house in nj. That show really hits home since im italian, and from nj ;)
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    I'm still upset over the ending. What a horrible ending to a great show. I must have received 5 phone calls when it went black asking if my tv went out too. I just sat there in disbelief that they did that to me.
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    I disagree. Masterful ending. Didn't love it, but thought it was well done.
  5. I felt like i got ripped off.

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