Electric Catamaran?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jaybeaux, Aug 16, 2022.

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    We are in Oxford, MD today. We took the dinghy up Town Creek to check things out. We come upon a HUGE catamaran which I believe to be a Silent 60. However, there are no badges on the boat. Nothing. The YouTube channel, NautiStyles reviewed one a while back. If the same, it has 13 kW of solar. Two (IIRC) 16 kW motors. It also has a big ass diesel generator or two. One of these boats has crossed the Atlantic.

    It has a bridge. A section of the flat roof lifts up to expose the upper helm and sitting area.

    Crazy big cat. The sugar scoops seem 8 feet wide! I can only imagine the difficulty in getting a slip when you tell them you have a 30 foot beam! I won’t even think about a haul out.


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    I was there last week and saw this boat as well, I was not as taken by it as you seem to be. I think these to be a tremendous waste of space, yes I have been on them and am not taken by them. I actually didn't even notice it was a power cat and not a sailing one. I though it was there to have it's mast stepped. The owner was there and seemed to be very nice, we actually spoke about my dog briefly and not his boat.

    It's funny how people see things, especially when their view is completely different from your own.
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    Awesome boat!

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