Domestic Terrorists are wrecking my life

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by Halfhitch, Mar 13, 2023.

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    I love Huskies, probably only second to Labradors. Their such great dogs, just not the most boat friendly because of the heat in the summer time. A friend had one that never left his pool, couldn't swim worth a dam, but loved laying on the stairs.
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    6CEEC6EE-3386-4376-BCF1-1C9314FCC4BD.jpeg Cats. Of course we have a few.

    My neighbor paid to have our black cat fixed. The neighbor was happy because our cats terrorized the chipmunks that “used” to hang around her house.
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    My daughter likes snakes as well. My wife won't let us have one.
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    Bill! George! Anything but Sue!
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    My daughter has a domestic terrorist. But that’s my daughters fault really. She spoiled that dog rotten. She just had a baby and the dog is jealous of the attention going to the baby. The dog will get over it.
    I kind of feel bad for the dog, The deer tease her and mess her head up. They walk right up to the fence while that dog looses her shit.
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    Mar 31, 2011
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    I work at a golf course and take our Irish setter, Hallie all the time. She chases deer daily.

    One day she started chasing a coyote. It was kind of funny because both the coyote and her were not running balls out. It seemed like Hallie knew better than to try and catch a coyote.


    One day at the course she started barking furiously at something. I went to investigate. We have an eagles nest at the course and every year I get to watch eaglets and their parents. She was barking at one of the eaglets. We figured the eaglet tried to fly too soon. It could not get back to the nest. Luckily, the parents kept it fed until it could fly.

    This is what she was barking at.
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    This is the only picture of my daughters 3 Huskies that I could find.

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